Wonderful Anime Inspired Cat Ear Headphones By Axent Wear

Wonderful Anime Inspired Cat Ear Headphones By Axent Wear

Wenqing Yan and Victoria Hu – UC Berkeley Alumni – have designed the cutest anime-inspired cat ear headphones. Ok, this is the only time that I wish I was still 18 years old! I would definitely buy one! These headphones also have fully functional, external cat-ear speakers and have LED lights that flash.  (Yes, you can turn the LEDs off after the novelty wears out. Ha ha!)


Wonderful Anime Inspired Cat Ear Headphones By Axent Wear







The founders, Wenqing Yan and Victoria Hu, who both have a passion for art and creative technology created their brand called Axent Wear. Wenqing was inspired to design these cat ear headphones while working on her animation. They believe that music plays a huge part in everyone’s life so they would like to create a product that will allow people to share music with their friends and family in a unique and creative way. It’s their ultimate goal to create the perfect headphones that would fulfil both functionality and style.


They are successfully getting funded through Indiegogo and you can still pre-order the headphones for another 12 days. They are currently almost at their stretch goal.  If they do reach it, then additional features will be over-the-ear-cushioning for comfort; a removable cord, so the headphones can still be used if the cord ever gets damaged; and a mic for gaming.

Visit Axent Wear and their Indiegogo Campaign.

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