Cat Hampurr Review and Voucher Code

Cat Hampurr Review and Voucher Code

Today is great day for Talisker because we are doing the Cat Hampurr Review! Cat Hampurr has kindly sponsor us with a box of their delightful treats and toys. Exciting! Cat Hampurr is a monthly subscription box for cats. You can read about them on Pause here. Read the review and find the 40% discount voucher code below.


What’s in the box in June? List from Cat Hampurr:


Feline Fayre | tuna & seabream and salmon & tuna complete food | X5 85g

First up, we have not one but five 85g of Feline Fayre.  Feline Fayre select only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, combining them in a perfectly tempting jelly that keeps any cat happy and healthy.  Feline Fayre is crammed with natural goodness which provides an excellent source of protein, together with all the benefits associated with omega 3 fatty acids.  The recipes have been enriched with taurine to help maintain and support visual and cardiac function and they contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Arden Grange | Tasty Liver Treat | 75gOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Next we have a 75g tube of Arden Granges Tasty Liver Treat.  This treat is naturally hypoallergenic and free from wheat gluten, dairy, beef, soya, artificial colours, flavours & preservatives.   Full of fresh liver this is the purr-fect treat, reward or snack for your cat.  The irresistible paste can also be used in giving medication – try squeezing a pea sized amount onto a tablet or mixing the liver treat with crushed pills or liquid medications.

Lily’s Kitchen | Crunchy Nibbles | 40g

The Hampur also includes a 40g bag of the delicious Lily’s Kitchen chicken crunchy nibbles.  These little nibbles of goodness are 100% fresh chicken meat, vegetables & healthy herbs and oils and free from grains, meat meals & artificial additives

This is a complementary cat food to be fed in combination with wet food to create a satisfying, complete meal for your cat. You can mix it in with wet food or use as a topping – however your cat likes it! It can also be fed on its own as a treat. It will give your cat something delicious to crunch on, which is good for their teeth and gums.

Natural Pet Company | Catnip Rabbit |various designs

Seagull Photography 2013

This month, our added bit of fun comes in the form of this adorable pure cotton rabbit toy, by The Natural Pet Company, complete with a sweet little bob tail.

The Natural Pet Toy Company uses only the best-quality, pure-dried catnip herb and encases it in a fun animal shape made of cotton fabric.  There is no artificial filling or stuffing used to make these toys. So they smell stronger and last for longer.

Burns Pet Food | chicken & brown rice  | 50g & £2.00 off voucher

Burns is a complete, low-fat, naturally preserved, hypo-allergenic food.  This food is suitable for both healthy cats and cats with sensitive skin or sensitive digestion.

Burns Original Cat is rich in B vitamins and contains all eleven essential amino acids including taurine. It is made with the highest quality sources of chicken for protein and whole grains to ensure that cats benefit from all of nature’s goodness. Controlled levels of protein and minerals help maintain healthy kidneys and urinary tract.

Natural Instinct | 10% off your first order gift voucher

Cat Hampurr have teamed up with Natural Instinct and included a 10% discount off your first Natural Instinct order.

Natural Instinct is frozen, award-winning, human-grade Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (“BARF”) which provides cats with all the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins for an active and healthy life.  Natural Instinct complete meals provides the very best, balanced diet made from all natural, 100% British, human-grade ingredients with no cereal or fillers….Just as nature intended.

Jolly Moggy Sisal ball | X2| (An extra world cup gift for your kitty)

With it being the 2014 World Cup, we thought we would put in a couple of sisal balls for your kitty. (Just in time for England to be knocked out!) These sisal balls are from the Jolly Moggy range and are infused with high quality natural catnip.

Cat Hampurr Review

Cat Hampurr Review

On first impression, the box is packed full but still a reasonable size. So if you have a large letter box, it would potentially fit through the letter box although it didn’t fit through ours. Once open, you’ll be greeted with beautiful and high-quality products, presented with care and even wrapped in tissue paper which we thought was a nice touch. We love things in tissue papers!

Cat Hampurr Review

Cat Hampurr Review 1

There are a variety of treats and food both wet and dry. And the Cat Hampurr also comes with high quality cat toys.

cat hampurr review

Talisker really like Lily’s Kitchen crunchy nibble which is surprising as normally she’s not keen on dry treats. She was excited as today when she gets to try Arden Granges Tasty Liver Treat (because Talisker is not normally allowed wet food because of her teeth so she prefers wet treats).  What we love about Cat Hampurr is the cat and us are equally excited by the unveiling of the goodies. She was very interested when we opened the parcel.

This photo nicely captures how much she likes the Granges Tasty Liver Treat. It wasn’t possible to get her to look up at the camera.



As for the toys, Talisker liked the Jolly Moggy Sisal ball with jingles inside. However she’s an older cat so she prefers to be lazy and not chase things so much these days.  The Natural Pet Company Rabbit Catnip Toy went down a storm as it’s her favourite kind of toy. As you can see in the picture, it’s just a dream come true for Talisker! No posing for the photos then! They toys are well made, high-quality with adorable designs. And we particular love the design of the Natural Pet Company Rabbit Catnip toy, it’s so cute!


And to top the whole thing up there are discount vouchers for the products that are in the box too!

We think the selection for the box is well thought out and everything is done with care by the people who really love cats. We think it’s very good value for your money. At £11.95 (+ £3.95P&P) for subscription box.  Or you can try a one-off gift box 15.95 (+£3.95 p&p).

All in all we give Cat Hampurr 5/5

Appearance 5/5 , Product Selection 4/5 (We think it’d be 5/5 if we could perhaps choose customisation to the box),

Quality 5/5, Value 5/5

Cat Hampurr Voucher Code

Pause’s readers will be getting 40% discount on your first box (which makes the box less than £10 inclusive of the shipping when you subscribe to Cat Hampurr. 

Please use this link as you can’t get this discount through normal checking. Offer code valid till the end of the week.

So if you want to get the discount on your order, quick quick!

Visit Cat Hampurr.



  1. Fantastic, just signed up, many thanks!

    • Hello! Thanks for reading Pause! So glad you signed up, the Cat Hampurr is just fantastic. And that was a good deal! Have a good week. :-)


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