Catswall – Innovative Cat Furniture and Supplies

Catswall – Innovative Cat Furniture and Supplies

Catswall is a company specialising in development and manufacture of innovative cat furniture and supplies. Their products are stylish but also designed to function perfectly for cats. The company launched Catswall design to the public in 2011. The owners of Catswall have more their twenty cats so they design new products to keep their cats happy. Catswall are able to constantly improve and refine their products because they test them on their twenty cats to ensure they all love it! Their products are the result of combining creativity with imagination and scientific observation.

Catswall Modular Cat Climbing Wall

Currently, the Catswall product range consists of a Modular Cat Climbing Wall, the Curvynest, the Catwheel, the Multi-cat Raised Feeder and the Cat Scratching Board.

Cats Wall

Catswall – Modular Cat Climbing Wall


Catswall is a modular aluminum wall hanging system. You can adjust the grid size to suit your specific needs, and the Catswall system is easy enough for you to assemble at home. The grid system on Catswall allows you to add additional Catswall products to the wall. For example, it is easy to mix and match our Catsbox, Catspassage, Catsladder, and Catstair add-ons to build the Catswall system that best meets your homes specific needs. These components are only a few of the quality Catswall products we have already designed, and are currently working on, in R&D. We will continue to develop more quality Catswall extension units for cats, and their owners, to enjoy and have fun with.”



The Modular Cat Climbing Wall is our favourite product from Catswall. The design is highly flexible and can be integrated into your home very easily and with many add-ons to keep even the fussiest feline happy!  You can add cushions to the bottom of the catbox units so they can be a great sleeping spot as well as play area. The cut out on the front of the catbox also makes a great observation tower for your cats or they can simply climb on top to survey their territory. The Catsladder is a fantastic add-on to ensure that kittens and older cats can access their Modular Cat Climbing Wall.




“Our Catswall Curvynest redefines the shape of cat nest designs. Formed by a fluid flow of a curvey line, the contour fits cat bodies perfectly. It’s a great place for cats to rest and enjoy some private space. Curvynest’s elastic structure design allows it to withstand many cats at once. Cat movements on the Curvynest will create subtle bouncing effects to the rack, which feels very much like a cradle. Curvynest’s idea came from our concept of “piled tunnels” where cats can rest and interact while feeling safe in their own space.”




Catswall Curvynest is another innovative product.  Not only is it stylish looking, the design allows the cats to sleep closer to each other but still have some privacy. We also appreciate how each level curves down to create a snug tunnel for the cats because they love to sleep in tight and secure spaces. It really is ideal for cats.


The Multi-Cat Raised Feeder



The Multi-Cat Raised Feeder is not only adorable but also functions to protect the cat’s neck and joints and makes it more comfortable to eat. Also it works quite well to help diffuse food aggression situation when you have lots of cats. Finally this feeder would also work well in a warm climate to help avoid anti-ants.




“We have abandoned the traditional concept of wheel shaft drive, by using the casters on the base to drive the wheel body instead, so cats can jump in and run on the wheel from both sides of the center. The improved design of the Catswall Catwheel allows up to three cats to run at the same time. The overall look is streamlined, and the tasteful, dazzling color makes the Catwheel very eye catching.
“The Catswall Catwheel is made of MDF. After painting the surface and inside, the ring is overlayed with hard resistant veneer curved plate, which is easy to maintain and clean.”


The Catwheel is 60s chic and and a great toy for energetic cats! It also works well for people with restricted living space like apartments or in situations where they can’t let their cat out. The founder of Catswall does sensibly say that the Catwheel probably would not work with overweight cats because they are probably less interested in exercise.


So you need to consider your cat’s personality before purchasing the Catwheel as you might feel disappointed if your chubby cat doesn’t fancy a run on the Catwheel. Our cat, Talisker, would probably turn her nose up at the Catwheel. But we do think she would love the Modular Cat Wall and the Curvynest.


Cat Scratching Board


“Cats often need to ‘sharpen’ their claws. It’s a part of their natural behavior, to remove the outer layer of their growing claws. Cat owners must provide their cats with a good scratching board or else cats will try to sharpen their claws on house furniture.The Catswall Catscratching Board is made of pine wood, and it is durable and environmentally friendly. Do you often need to clean up the floor after your cat has used a paper-made scratching board? The Catswall Catscratching Board is a major improvement over paper-made scratching boards. Pine wood has just the right hardness for cats to have a good scratch without harming themselves or the furniture, or making a big mess. Our unique Catscratching board design is inspired by the washboard. Not only is the washboard design extremely durable, it also provides great scratching board function.”


We are smitten with Catswall products, particularly the Modular Cat Wall and the Curvynest. They are higher in price than some other products but if you have many cats it’s probably the great investment piece. Check out Catswall Website.

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