Chimère – Contemporary French Designs for Pets

Chimère – Contemporary French Designs for Pets
Chimère is the first publisher of contemporary French furniture dedicated to pets. The company was founded in Paris by Marc Ange and Fred Stouls.
Chimère pet furniture

Chimère – Contemporary Furniture Dedicated to Pets That Pleases Their Owners

rocking bird cage

Rocking Birdcage

rabbit hutch

Rabbit Hutch or Small Animals Home


Fish Bowl



Dog and Cat Sofa

Not only each piece of Chimère furniture is a comfortable habitat for your pets created with the high manufacturing standards, it is also a decorative element sublimating human habitat. These timeless pet furnitures has been designed by Bloom Room (Marc Ange, Philippe Ricaud, Antonin Maire d’Église and Théodore Beaufils) which is Marc Ange’s agency.

cat litter box
Cat Litter Box
Visit Chimère is see these products in 360 degrees and check them out on Behance

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