British dog owners – can win a chance to clone your dog

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Have you ever wanted to clone your dog?  Soam Biotech Research Foundation, a South Korean firm, is offering British dog owners a chance to clone their beloved pets. The service, to clone a genetic replica of a dog, usually costs £63,000. To mark the UK launch, the company is offering you the chance to win and clone your dog for free.


The Telegraph reports:

But scientists warned that owners hoping to create a “carbon copy” of their favourite pet may be disappointed because, like identical twins, the clone will not be a perfect replica of the first.

Although they will share the same genetic code, differing conditions in the womb and the environment they are exposed to after birth will significantly change some characteristics, including aspects of the dog’s appearance and behaviour.

Furthermore, experts are concerned that cloning animals is still unreliable and there only is a small chance that you will get a healthy clone. The process starts by taking one microscopic skin cell to create a man-made embryo that will grow into a replica of your dog in two months. The cells can also be kept at their facility for use at a later date. Soam Biotech has already cloned over 400 dogs for the South Korean government and for wealthy American owners.

clone your dog

 These cloned dogs are being train to be sniffer dogs by the South Korean’s Custom Services

The winner of this competition will also be taking part in a Channel 4 documentary, showing the process of cloning your dog. The show will be broadcast sometime next year. If you are interested in getting Soam Biotech to clone your dog, you can apply by emailing them at or send a message to their Facebook page and tell them how much your dog means to you. Applications will close on November 25th 2013.

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