Cooling Aluminium Cat Pot Will Keep Your Kitty Cool

Cooling Aluminium Cat Pot Will Keep Your Kitty Cool

Cooling Aluminium Kitty-Cat Pot (or Hie Hie Arumi Nyanko Nabe in Japanese) is a new inventive product for cats in Japan this summer. With a massive heatwave in Japan, cats with long hair and no access to air conditioning will need some help. Cooling Aluminium Kitty-Cat Pot is in a shape of a ordinary aluminium nabe pot (a nabe is a cooking pot which Japanese people use to cook their hot pot dishes). Cat owners all know how much cats just love sleeping in a bowl and small spaces. My parents’ cats used to love to sleep in our blue & white china – Eekk!!! – because it’s cooling. Making cat products in a shape of something that is meant for us humans is a sure fire way of getting them interested.

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Cooling Aluminium Cat Pot

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This invention looks like a normal aluminium bowl but it’s works a bit like a mini fridge because of heat-conducting properties. So even cats with long hair can keep cool during the summer. The curve of the bowl’s interior has been designed to fit most cats perfectly, including the larger breeds.

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At the moment the products Cooling Aluminium Cat Pot are sold out on Amazon Japan but we’ll share the link anyway in case it becomes restocked soon. We just have to share this product news with you!

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