House Of Neko – Architect Creates Custom Home For Cats

House Of Neko – Architect Creates Custom Home For Cats

Peter Cohen, an architect living in the USA, has created a custom home for cats that most cat owners can only dream of. It started after Cohen moved to his home in Goleta, California. There were two outdoor cats already living at the property. Soon after he moved in, both of them died from getting hit by a car. After that he decided to keep his cats indoors and rescued a few more cats along the way.

custom home for cats

Cohen is a co-owner of Trillium enterprise a custom contracting company.With a total of 18 indoor cats, Peter was inspired by the book “The Cat’s House” (which we will talk about in another post). He started working on remodelling his home with cat skywalks, tunnels, ledges, spiral walkways, pathways and many other cat-friendly features. The remodelling cost around $35,000. Cohen named his home, “House of Neko” (Neko means cat in Japanese).


The first part that was installed at House of Neko

 “The first cat walks were installed in the upstairs master bedroom, around 1997,” says Cohen.

“From then on, it just kind of grew into a hobby. I would often trade tools with some of the finish carpenters who would build the catwalks in their down time. We would figure out something fun to build and they would then have pretty much free license to be creative.”


custom home for cats 2



House Of Neko – Custom Home For Cats

 The House of Neko has been an ongoing  project since 1997. Since then it has turned into a whimsical paradise for Cohen’s indoor cats. The house and the customisation is not just functional. Cohen loves art and has great artistic flair. So he designed House of Neko with a bold and colourful palette (from shades of yellow, green to blue) and the rooms in feel connected as there are colours from the palette that connect them together. Al the rooms have fluid natural themes that makes the living space tranquil, even with the use of bold palettes.





The house also features 24 litter boxes. Some are concealed within the cupboard with exhaust fans. The house has been built with a great ventilation system to ensure that there is no odour.




Cohen said that although he doesn’t want to say no to a cat without a home, he wouldn’t be adopting more cats. But he’s certain that he’ll keep on working on his custom home for cats, “We’ll never stop,” he says. If you are interested in getting your own “catomisation” for your own home contact Peter Cohen for a free estimation

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