Dicke Katze and Pause Competition- The Competition Prizes have arrived!

October 24, 2013 in COMPETITION, NEWS by admin


We have got fantastic news for our readers – our November Dicke Katze and Pause Competition Prizes have just arrived! The photo competition starts in November and contestants can submit a photo of their cat showing “Why Cats Are Better Than Men” and also a little caption explaining why.

Dicke Katze and Pause Competition


Dicke Katze and Pause Competition

Not only do you have a chance to win the prizes in the photo but also win a drawing of your cat draw in Dicke Katze style. The winner will win a signed illustration (a picture file sent via email) of her/his cat drawn by Olivia Vieweg herself! How exciting is this! Here are some inspirations for “Why Cats Are Better Than Men” competition from Dicke Katze Book:

1. Cats are content with simplest things, i.e. cat in a cardboard box, cat eating a treat

2. Cats can listen to you for hours, and do so as if they understand.

3. Cats have an innate sense of cleanliness. i.e. cat cleaning him/herself

4. Cats can afford a new car every day, i.e. they lie on a different car every day

5. Cats love basically everything you buy, i.e. they go to lie inside your bag or packaging from the store

Those are just ideas from the book, get creative! The full details of the competition will be available very soon! Keep an eye out for Dicke Katze and Pause Competition. Visit Dicke Katze and read more about Dicke Katze on Pause here.