Dicke Katze – These round kitties are going to melt your heart

Dicke Katze – These round kitties are going to melt your heart

What is Dicke Katze? You may ask. Well we can tell you that – especially for cat and comic lovers – Dicke Katze is going to change your life. Plus, if you have a soft spot for chubby kitties, Dicke Katze will melt you heart.

dicke katze snoozy

Dicke Katze & Friends is a celebration of why we love cats and especially our big cuddly ones. “Dicke Katze” (roughly German for “Fat Cats”) are our big, loveable friends who are always there for us, even if there sometimes just in it for themselves.

dicke katze cherry

dicke katze watermelon

Olivia Vieweg is an illustrator based in Germany and the creator of Dicke Katze & Friends. She conceived Dicke Katze as a brand, wrote and illustrated her hilarious books and designed the plush kitty toys. Olivia’s illustration style is expressive, minimalist and combines both manga and western comic styles beautifully. Dicke Katze & Friends is being further developed and licensed by 830 Studios, LLC.

dicke katze carpet

Dicke Katze

Dicke Katze products range from funny illustrated books, ebooks, pin badges, and t-shirts to plush toys. The hardback book that is available now is Why Cats Are Better Than Men.

dicke katze plush

Dicke Katze Plush


The ebook titles currently available are Why Cats Are Better Than Men, Why Cats Are Happier Than Humans and Why Cats Never Go On A Diet.

There is plenty of adorable, free wallpaper and other free stuff for fans.

dicke katze top hat

Last but not least, most days, the Dicke Katze Facebook Fan Page has funny photos of the chubby cat for you to enjoy. They are literally so cute and hilarious, we are a massive fan! Dicke Katze will launch a free Facebook game soon. Hermann the cat is sleeping (or at least trying to) and there are lots of insects, mice, etc. disturbing his sleep. The player needs to click on the creatures to get rid of them and keeps Hermann asleep. And if the player fails, Hermann wakes up and there is a funny little scene after the game is over.

dicke katze dog house

dicke katze morning

Dicke Katze is unique and full of lovable characters. We are certain that cute illustrations, comedy, a chubby cat, and a cat’s-life philosophy that we can relate to are all going to help Dicke Katze make the mark in our pet world and the world of cute.
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