Dog Mansion – Unique and extraordinary dog houses from around the world

Dog Mansion – Unique and extraordinary dog houses from around the world

Dog Mansion is a dream for many dog-lovers! Today we are taking a trip around the world to look at the most unique dog mansions and dog houses from luxurious, large, modern, bizarre material to super adorable ones.

Victoria Doggie Mansion by  La Petite Maison

mini dog mansion

mini dog mansion2

mini dog mansion3 

Yorkies Chelsea and Coco Puff and Pomeranian Darla live in this amazing mini Victoria Mansion in the outskirts of Los Angeles.

Rachel Hunter’s Mexican Hacienda Dog House



This dog house was created for Rachel Hunter by La Petite Mansion, comes complete with red clay roof and terracotta flooring. This dog mansion is actually a smaller scale of her home and it is large enough to fit human in the house. Buy them here.

Pet Camper


41” W x 21”H x 19” D
Fiberglass, Aluminium Stainless Steel

Paris Hilton’s Luxury Dog Mansion

paris hilton dog house

paris hilton dog house3

paris hilton dog house2

Paris Hilton’s luxurious dog mansion is worth USD $325,000. The dog mansion is 300 sq. ft and the interiors was designed by Faye Resnick to resemble Paris’s old home, including lots of pink, heat and air conditioning and black ceiling holdings.

Cubix Bauhaus Dog Mansion


Bauhaus style dog mansion from Best Friend’s Home – super modern with clean lines, lots of light and room for large or small dogs. The mansion is made from durable and premium material so it’s suitable to all weather condition. Read more here

Alabama Dog Mansion


This Alabama Dog Mansion has the Southern states style exterior and it’s based on its historical model. The wonderful details include  the lattice windows and the real bitumen shingles. Read more here

Swiss Chalet Dog House

swiss chalet dog house

Luxurious Swiss Chalet dog house is custom made with authentic swiss architecture and European style shutters and balconies. Read more here

Brick Estate Dog Mansion

brick estate dog house

This one of the most expensive dog mansion at $25,000.00 with amenities like electric, water and heating. Read more here

Dog is a God by Marco Morosini

Marco Morosini 1

These dog houses are from Marco Morosini’s “Dog is God” Exhibition. The top one is a transparent house with it’s own drive, the temple dog house has three different entrances and the final one is especially designed for dachshunds. 

Thatched Cottage Dog House

english cottage dog house

This one is from the Barkitecture, which is a book with a large photograph collection of dog houses and mansion from some elegant homes to bizarre ones.


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From Barkitecture

Wide Barrel


wine barrel

From Barkitecture

Victorian Cozy Cottage Kennel Dog House


This Victoria is so adorable with gingerbread trim. The house reminds us of the cottage in Hansel and Gretel.

Eco-friendly Dog House

A planter


This Eco-friendly dog house was created by Sustainable Pet Design an LA-based company. The whole house is made with non toxic material and plants over the roof.

Fairy Tale Dog Mansion



This girly dog mansion would make any pooch and owner feel like they are living in a fairy tale.



This is a Swedish style dog mansion from Best friend’s home. Read more here

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