DOOG The Sticks Fun Fetch Toys Test and Review

DOOG The Sticks Fun Fetch Toys Test and Review

DOOG The Sticks recently launched their fun and safe stick-fetch toy for dogs. DOOG The Sticks is made of durable, recycled rubber.  So it’s splinter free, meaning your dog won’t get mouth injuries and chipped teeth as they might when fetching a real stick. The sticks feature a built-in hand grip, slobber resistant rope for flinging and eyes that glow in the dark. They also float in water. The idea started after owners of DOOG – Jamie and Jessica Knight – had one too many trips to the vet with their stick-loving pug, Wilbur, who kept getting mouth injuries after chasing and chewing sticks.

DOOG The Sticks

Jessica Knight says, “We wanted to design a life like stick that Wilbur could take to the park & beach that was not dangerous or him to play with. We wanted the sticks to be likeable, fun characters so added some great features like expressive faces, arms, glow in the dark eyes and added a rope making them easy to pick up and fling. The Sticks also float in water so are a great fetch toy at the dog beach and Wilbur just loves them.”

DOOG The Sticks family are available in six styles: the hench and manly Uncle Chuck, emo/rock boy Elwood, Baby Barkley, totally terrified Twiggy, the happy go lucky kind of guy Woody and super keen cheer leader Willow.

 Mollie Says – DOOG The Sticks Review

DOOG the sticks review

Mollie is our new guest expert on dog products. She is a Pug mix with Pekingese and she was rescued by our friend Steph. Today Mollie, Steph and I are reviewing Barkley DOOG The Sticks courtesy of Accapi Group.



Because Mollie is a small dog we think Barkley would be the best size stick for her and we are absolutely right. Barkley is the perfect size for smaller dog. DOOG The Sticks is made out of firm rubber but still flexible with the arms even more flexible.  The quality feels really nice and not flimsy. And it is so much nicer than hollow rubber squeaky toys. Mollie took to Barkley instantly. She particular liked to pick up Barkley with the little arms and also the rope.


Can’t get Mollie to let go of her new favourite toy!

It’s sturdy but not too heavy. So we threw it a good distance many times without getting achy arms. Mollie loves to chase the toy but seems to like it way too much to give it back to us. And the rope is really slobber resistant and the whole thing dries pretty fast after a fetch session. All in all we think Mollie loved this fetch toy so give it a try if you dog likes stick toys.

The whole range of DOOG The Sticks is available in DOOG store now.

Size: 5/5

Practicality: 4/5

Quality: 4/5

Price: 5/5





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