Dottie Dog – Modern Silhouette and Charming Pet Portrait Artist

Dottie Dog – Modern Silhouette and Charming Pet Portrait Artist

Dottie Dog is a two-lady art operation: Beth is the artist, and Dorothy (or Dottie) is her trusty sidekickBeth Meyer launched Dottie Dog in January 2014 and we are so impressed with the pet portraits which have modern silhouettes. The illustrations are simple but yet full of details. Using colourful, fresh palettes gives them a completely unique style that is perfect for a stylish home. The illustrations remind us a bit of paper cutting (which we love!). Beth rescued Dottie – a Corgi/Scottie mix – from Cincinnati SPCA and they live happily in her studio apartment.



This the first illustration that we saw from Dottie Dog, “Corgzilla in a tennis ball frenzy”, the most hilarious illustration ever!

Dottie Dog Custom Pet Portrait

You can easily get your very own custom pet portrait by simply emailing Dottie Dog. Beth will discuss what your preferences are and get drawing your pet for you. It may take from 1-2 weeks. You can then purchase the custom portrait on her Etsy shop. The price is inclusive of an instant download of the high res JPEG of the illustration and also an 8 x 10″ print which will be sent to you.

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Dottie Dog’s Beth Meyer Artist Interview



Schnauzer Printable 

What made you set up Dottie Dog?

I’ve been drawing for ages, but I didn’t get serious about art until college. I kind of flailed my way through a couple years of art school, wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, then tried something completely different and became a preschool teacher. I’m so glad I taught for a year because it really brought my “art snob” side down to earth. I had a blast with the kids, and the time spent away from art gave me some great perspective. Now that I’m back to art full-time, I really appreciate it, and can take art with a grain of salt. I started drawing dogs simply because: dogs are the coolest! It’s so rewarding to illustrate a pet – I get to interact with all kinds of folks, and I love working all day on faces that are so irresistibly happy! Plus, I love to have a job where I can spend 100% of my time with the most charming canine creature on the planet – my sweet Dorothy.



Scottie With Big Pink Thistles

What is a typical day for you?

Admittedly, Dorothy and I are not morning people, so I like to start the day with lots of coffee and a creative warm up that doesn’t require much finesse. Sometimes I sketch flowers but lately I’ve been spinning a lot of wool. After that I try to do a drawing every day – Dorothy always keeps me company, dutifully napping next to my lovely work table. My husband made it for me – it’s so cool, the base is an old cast iron sewing machine. I like listening to happy music – usually something old fashioned like Jelly Roll Morton or Louis Prima. Then once I start drawing, I get sucked into that zombie zone where you forget to do things like eat lunch. It’s great! No really, it is awesome to be able to draw

all day – it’s been my dream job since I was 5.

What is the funniest thing that happened to you since becoming an illustrator/artist?

When I first launched my shop, I remember telling my Chiropractor about it. He was quite bemused and suggested I do portraits of how humans would look as a dogs. He wanted to see himself drawn as a big Pit Bull with huge cheeks. …I think I’d like to see that, too.



Who or what is your inspiration in life?

The joy I glean from little Dorothy is my biggest Dottie Dog inspiration. She reminds me to focus on happy stuff and not to take life too seriously. At the same time, my Dad has been a huge inspiration for my artsy side. He’s a super talented architect and works harder than anyone I’ve ever known, or met, or even heard about. I remember when I was a little girl, I’d sit next to him at the drafting table and draw for ages, telling everyone that I’d be an artist when I grow up. My whole family has been so loving and supportive – they make me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to!



English Bull Dog Printable

What has been the biggest challenge for you as a custom pet portrait artist?

I just started Dottie Dog in January 2014, so it’s still fresh, but it’s pretty difficult to figure out the whole marketing arena. Since my shop is online, I have to rely a lot on social media and web marketing… which has never been my forte. Thankfully, my husband works in online marketing and is a total internet genius, so he’s my saving grace! That being said, I’m excited for the Spring art fair season to start so I can meet customers in person.

What pets do you have at the moment?

Dorothy is a total prima-donna-bossy-pants, so we’re a one-pet-household. She does have a friend next door, though – a little chunk o’ love named Benji. He’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and he’s so laid back that he can handle Dorothy’s shenanigans.



What is the best thing about Dorothy?

Gosh, the best thing is so hard to choose! The highest on my list: she is the stubbornest lady I’ve ever met. She pulls insanely hard on walks, and always veers left. She goes to bed on her own at 8:30. She grumbles like Wookie every morning when we wake her. We have to rotate her dog food because she’ll decide periodically that she doesn’t like it, and go on a long hunger strike. Wow, I’m really painting the picture that she’s a cranky dog! But truly, Dorothy is hilarious. She’s got a huge personality, and despite all her grumbling, she loves us very much.

I just also have to mention that Dorothy is also really funny looking. We think she’s a Corgi/Scottie mix, but basically she’s got a Corgi body with a humongous wolf head and big pointy ears. A friend of mine coined the nickname “Weinerwolf” and it suits her well. One time we were at a park, when a young toddler with bright pink glasses ran up to Dorothy and exclaimed, “She’s a special dog!” Yep, she sure is.


Yorkshire Terrier Print

What other (secret) skills do you have? So what would you be in another life? (i.e. different job)

I’m actually pretty great at playing piano. That was my back-burner dream as a kid. I certainly didn’t practice enough to be a concert pianist, but I would like to think that in another life, I’d be very, very diligent.

Who is your favourite super hero?

Well, I wasn’t really allowed to watch much TV as a child, so I spent a lot of time reading with my Mom. It might sound kind of odd, but my personal superhero was Anne of Green Gables. I really looked up to her as a child. I loved that she wasn’t ever afraid to chase lofty dreams, she believed in herself, and she was super smart. Basically I was a huge nerd, and I saw her as the heroine of all nerds everywhere.

What is your favourite biscuit? This one is for English fans. (And ourselves, we can tell a lot about people from their favourite biscuit)

Hmm, I’d have to go with Molasses. There’s nothing like a chewy, spicy cookie on a rainy day.

If you can be an animal for a day what would you be and why? (if it’s a dog what breed?)

Well I would love to be a dog, of course. But if I really weigh all my options, I think I’d like to be a swan. You could just go about your business, gliding around idyllic waterscapes, and people would think you’re really pretty even if you hiss at them.




Hungry Cat Notecards

Dottie Dog offers a custom dog and cat portrait service on the main website and also sell prints and products on Etsy and Society6.


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  1. Hi ~ I met you at the Maderia Street Fair. You let me take a picture of your booth. I posted today about your lovely booth and wonderful drawings.
    Sweet William The Scot


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