Cat Cafe Nekobiyaka Kuro Neko cm – The very first Japanese Black Cat Cafe

Cat Cafe Nekobiyaka Kuro Neko cm – The very first Japanese Black Cat Cafe

Cat Cafe Nekobiyaka Kuro Neko cm is the very first Japanese Black Cat Cafe. There are many cat cafes in larger cities in Japan where living space is limited. The Cat cafe customers can pay an hourly rate to enjoy having a drink and play with their favourite cat cafe resident cats. In the current business world, one niche is certainly not enough for success. Micro-niches are the way forward for future businesses and the black cat cafe recognises this.

black cat cafe 4


Cafe Cafe Nekobiyaka

The Japanese Black Cat Cafe

Rocket news reported Cat Cafe Nekobiyaka was first opened 2 years ago in Himeji, Japan, but it was recently relaunched as Japanese Black Cat only cafe. Since the release of Studio Ghibli film, Kiki’s Delivery Serivce, Japanese people views black cats as cute and magical rather unlucky. At the moment there are ten black feline friends at this cat cafe to entertain the customers.

japanese black-cat cafe

black cat cafe 3sign

Cafe Cafe Nekobiyaka2



The black cat cafe rate for one hour is 1,000 yen (£6.30) and customers may pay 500 yen (£3.15) per a thirty minute extra. The customers cannot pick up and hold the cats but they are allowed to pet the kitties in moderation. The Japanese Black Cat Cafe wants to ensure that the cats are happy and are not stressed because of excessive handling.

black cat cafe 6

black cat cafe-cat05

VIA Kotaku and Rocket news

Images viaCat Cafe Nekobiyaka Kuro Neko cm, Kotaku and Rocket news

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