Kidsonroof – Dutch Design for creative and playful kids and grown-ups

Kidsonroof – Dutch Design for creative and playful kids and grown-ups

Kidsonroof is a Dutch Design studio established in 2005 by Romy Boesveldt and Ilya Yashkin. Their quirky, recycled, animal paper toys/decorations are our favourites from their eco-friendly products. They also produce books and furniture which has been especially designed for creative, playful children and grown-ups. Kidsonroof products are designed to stimulate the creativity and imagination of their customers both young and old alike, helping us to reconnect modern life with nature. We think the illustration style is reminiscent of Charles Harper.

Ilya has been trained as an architural designer (Marchi in Moscow and Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam). His designs are ingeniously three dimensional and very associative. Romy takes care of the conceptual development and styling.

Here are some of our favourite products from Kidsonroof

The Totem Book of Animals – Lion

Books of animals lion kidsonroof

This book is a pop out with lots of animals and scenes, made from recycled cardboard. Packed with 11 animals and 15 items of scenery, age 3+. It’s a lovely concept and is beautifully illustrated, making a perfect gift for children and adults alike. Buy it from Kidsonroof.

Books of animals lion 3 Books of animals lion 2 kidsonroof

See the picture of each animal come to life by sliding a wing, tail or legs into the model.The impressive lion, the agile predatory bird, the ordinary garden snail or cute koala bear – the animals are all interpreted in a vintage basic style and are all equally detailed. Kidsonroof Totem Book Lion

Swan Pop Out Decorations


This card is not just a card,…. also a little gift to keep. The swan is a sign of love and makes a beautiful accessory on a table, a cupboard or chimney and keeps the message alive.

The pop out card comes with a little note card to write your message on and a beautifully printed swan envelope. Buy it from Kidsonroof.

Mandarin Duck Pop Out Decoration

Basic RGB kidsonroof

mandarin duck paper toy 2

This mandarin duck is an explosion of colours! Swimming around with her litlle ones, she will be comfortable any place you put her.

A pop out card is more then a card; it’s a little gift. Includes an envelope and notecard.  Size A5 – weight 56 grams – made from recycled cardboard. Buy it from Kidsonroof.

Birds on Tree

birds on tree

Play with this tree and its 15 birds ! This tree is not only a wonderful piece of decoration for the children’s room…’s a wonderful play object for the kids!

birds on tree 3

Have the birds fly around, land again in the tree or hop on the ground. In the branches is a nest with a hungry baby bird and surrounding him you’ll find a barn swallow, a kingfisher, a magpie, a nuthatch, an owl, a sparrow, a grey wagtail, a blue tit, a carrion crow, a european robin and a lesser spotted woodpecker.

Dimensions built up: 85*70*70 cm. 76 XL pieces to build. Made from recycled cardboard. Buy it from Kidsonroof.

Koala – Pop Out Kids


This sweet pop-out Koala with her baby can be sent off as a small present and will definitely bring a smile to the face of any child who receives it. The Koala deserves a lovely spot in the kid’s room.

The pop out card comes with a little note card and envelope. Buy it from Kidsonroof.

Bo Buro

bo buro bo buro 2

Bo Buro is a sturdy cardboard desk with 2 stools, printed with cute animals. Holes here and there for hiding toys or secrets. It’s a kid’s first writing desk for writing, drawing, playing, hiding under and inventing stories. Ages 3+. It doubles up as a great hiding place for cats too!

desk: B50 x H55 x L90 cm
stool: B25 x H25 x L25 cm

Made from recycled cardboard. The stools can carry over 40 kilos of weight. Design by Elisabeth Vidal for Kidsonroof.

Casa Cabana deco

casa cabana

Casa Cabana comes either completely white or with a cat on a tree, a small ant, a rabbit and a squirrel.

In any case, it has more than enough room to colour, paint and decorate your very own Casa Cabana. Let it be your tree house, mansion or hiding shed. Give it as many names as you like …. and do you want to be left alone a bit? …. put a sign ‘no trespassing´. Casa Cabana has a door, seven windows and many spy holes. Made of recycled paper and biodegradable.

Casa Cabana 70* 70* 105cm. [27,6*27,6*41,3 inch.] Weight about 3 kgs. Buy it from Kidsonroof.

We really love Kidsonroof unique products and their amazing animal illustrations. We particularly love the pop out decorations because many double up as cards and gifts. Visit Kidsonroof or AlexandAlexa or Amazon

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