Kittypod – Designer Cat Furniture For Harmonious Living With Your Kitty

Kittypod – Designer Cat Furniture For Harmonious Living With Your Kitty

Kittypod is a lifestyle brand designing unique and stylish cat furniture and accessory solutions for a harmonious cohabitation with your cat. The brand was launch by a multi-discipline designer Elizabeth Paige Smith base in 1998.Their products are designed in an independent studio based in California. Kittypod focus on contemporary product design for cats that would blend well in any modern home decor. They chose the material and design everything carefully to allow you to interact with your pets better in your own home and different furniture style in materials that cat would love. We particular love their furniture and habitat range because they are made out of cardboard cat’s favourite material known to man, well-designed, contemporary and eco-friendly.

“We believe in the power of the imagination, discovering through prototyping and the experience of design will improve life through better materials, pricing and production methods.”

 Kittypod Furniture And Habitat Range



The Couchette is a double-sided chaise longue providing both a sleeping environment as well as a hiding spot underneath. Multiple sides and angles for sharpening claws. Signature wave-edge texture gives added pleasure for kitty, better handling for owner.  The Couchette stands tall and is designed to attract your cat so they may do what comes natural…scratch, sleep, and play. Select one of two styles of Vanity Plates (sold separately) to extend the life of the Couchette, offered in Maple Wood or White Acrylic, the Vanity Plates not only preserve they elevate the Couchette’s appearance.  Kittypod is not just for kitty!




The Prrrounge is a multi-functional chaise longue shaped with generous proportions offering a daybed, a hiding spot and a raiser to play with. Multiple sides and angles for sharpening claws.  Unmatched elegance while functional and strong this is a definite focal piece for your home.  Vanity plates sold separately.



The Mini is unlike any other lounge. The form fitting design with cathead shaped interior was created to offer various resting spots and a distinctive tunnel to play in. The design allots for custom orders to extend the tunnel to fit your kitties needs by simply gluing the standard model (12″ increments) to the desired length. Additional features include a contoured lounge area for comfort and multiple sides and angles for sharpening claws.  Signature wave-edge texture gives added pleasure to kitty with better handling for you.  Vanity plates sold separately.



Kittypod Original

The namesake Kittypod is uniquely shaped to contour and support, this oval-shaped pod design is raised on a wooden pedestal providing a cozy nesting spot. Multiple sides and angles for sharpening claws inside and out.  The archetype of all scratch lounges, this design is the ultimate focal piece for any home.  Simple assembly of base to pod required.



The Iti (pronounced “itty”) is like a beautiful island where your cat can have fantastical dreams. Flip it! for life anew. Features a 2″ thick SCRATCHDECK™ so your cat can really go at it. The reversible Iti is similar to the infamous Kittypod classic design in that it is a bowl-shaped form that supports your cats body at the right angle. Easy to assemble, great for multiple cats who love to cuddle and stretch.



Geodesic-shaped habitat made of superior grade durable recycled cardboard featuring two points of entry, and our signature top quality scratchdeck™ for clawing and nesting inside.  Generously proportioned, easy to assemble, and stackable with integrated tab connections.  Sold individually. Images show single Geodome and how they appear when purchasing multiples to stack.
GEODOME_STACKED_1024x1024 GEODOME_STACKED_5_1200_1024x1024



The Dome was designed with an expansive roofline and enlarged footprint, simply fold together this home-like structure. Features include a 1.25″ thick reversible scratcher from our SCRATCHDECK™ series, a kitty-shaped entry point and peep holes, a birdy mobile that suspends from the roofline, and a slotted Kittypod cathead shaped toy.  Easy to assemble with integrated tab connections.  Great for hide and play, and provides a den-like habitat cats instinctively seek in nature.  An architectural structure to function and impress.




 Visit Kittypod to see the full range and find out more.


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