Lint Rolling Cats is trending in Japan right now

Lint Rolling Cats is trending in Japan right now

Do you have pets? If so, you probably used to rolling lint rollers on everything from furnitures, bedding to your clothes. Lint rolling cats is trending in Japan right now. Lint Rolling at the source surely must be a effective way of reducing malting cat hair!  Well here a gallery of Japanese people getting busy with lint rolling their cats and most of the cats seem to enjoy it.

7871rr Lint rolling cats

 Lint Rolling from the top


Chin rolling



Even a baby could do it!


This one doesn’t seemed  as happy as the others. Probably how Talisker would react.


Sensible Lint Rolling – long handles = Safety first.





We still think the traditional way using a fine tooth comb then brush might be the best way though! Happy Caturday!
Come and catch up with us:

lint rolling cats


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