Lou Madhu – Imagine The World Of Abstract Animals And Nature

Lou Madhu – Imagine The World Of Abstract Animals And Nature

London based Lou Madhu is half of the creative duo AnotherKind.co.uk. We’ve discovered her work while researching an article on Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium. Her work is heavily inspired by animals, especially her favourite novel Watership Down. Her pieces are abstract and imaginative, created digitally, using collage techniques.

Lou Madhu - Imagine The World Of Abstract Animals And Nature


Fragile Lou Madhu

HummingStallion Lou Madhu

Lou Madhu’s work has aspects of surrealism; it exports you into the unique and whimsical world of animals and nature. We feel that some parts reminds us a bit of May Ray’s work! The faint shadows and the mixture of different unexpected elements create something new. Changing the context of the subject makes her work stand out from the other designers.

TheCat Lou Madhu



Lou has 6 years experience in digital and print design. She started out in the Fashion industry at Asos and then gravitated towards music, ending up at Universal Music for 4 years. She’s a proper cat lady and also loves a bit of Techno.


Visit Another Kind to see Lou Madhu’s complete portfolio and more information.


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