Metropolitan Dog Bunk Bed Sleek Dog Bed For Multi-Pet Households

Metropolitan Dog Bunk Bed Sleek Dog Bed For Multi-Pet Households

The Metropolitan Dog Bunk Bed is a perfect new sleeping arrangement for a household with multiple pets. It’s always cute to see your dogs or cats share the same bed but what if they want a bit more private space. The Metropolitan bed is a great way for them to be close but still having their own space. And it’s so stylish and modern; it would go well with any contemporary apartment or home decor.  We can totally see this is a city apartment or a sleek bachelor pad. Although we prefer the plain cushion covers to the printed ones.

Metropolitan Dog Bunk Bed for Multi-Pet Households

metropolitan dog bunk bed

Metropolitan dog bunk bed 2
Metropolitan dog bunk bed

The bunk bed is constructed from solid wood with a high gloss finish and it comes with three textured steps so it can double up as a play area as well as a bed.  The Metropolitan Dog Bunk Bed is built to hold up to 30 lbs of weight on each level. It comes with two interchangeable micro fibre cushion covers – one style with zebra print and silver-grey covers and the other with giraffe print and sand cushion covers. And the fabrics are machine washable so it can be easily maintained. The bed comes fitted with Stainless steel accents. The bottom has been coated to prevent any scuffing to the floor. 3

The Metropolitan Dog Bunk Bed was designed by Lazy Bonezz. The company was founded by Drienne Shamie and her daughter Lorraine in 2008. Their aim is to create high-quality, exclusive, durable pet furniture with great designs. 

  • Constructed from solid wood
  • Available in Ebony and Espresso finishes
  • Ebony bed comes with Zebra and Silver-Grey fabrics
  • Espresso bed comes with Giraffe and Sand fabrics
  • Bed 34L x 17.75W x 22.625H, Cush 22L x 15.35W x 2.5H


Visit Hayneedle to buy the Metropolitan dog bunk bed.





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