11 Compact And Modern Cat Scratchers

11 Compact And Modern Cat Scratchers

Today for Pause Picks #PausePicks we found eleven of the very best compact and modern cat scratchers from various designers and stores. The cat scratchers we’ve chosen are closer to traditional cat scratchers. Some of our picks have multiple functions and double as a bed or a lounger. All of these scratchers have unique styling that would blend perfectly in a modern home.  Styles range from contemporary minimal to bright punchy and modern.

11 Modern Cat Scratchers



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1. Pause Top Pick: Cat sofa Le Canapé from Cat-on. Read more about Cat-on Pause. 2. Cat Shaped Scratching Post with Cat Bed & Perch by Cattino. 3. Cat Scratchers by Cocici Design Studio. 4. Special Edition Le Tronc from Cat-on.5. Dual Diamond Scratcher by Kitticraft. 6. Ess-Leaf Scratching Post from Kitticraft. 7. Rosewood Natural Scratchers Prato from Monster Pet Supplies. 8. Catit Design Decorative Scratcher with Replaceable Sleeve by Catit . 9. Live Wire by  Koogatree. 10. Cat Scratchers by Cocici Design Studio. 11. Doggie Scratcher from CaturdayBangkok.

We will have a second part of this Pause Picks  which will be Cat Towers very soon.


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