The Cutest Adventures of Napoleon The Cat

The Cutest Adventures of Napoleon The Cat

Napoleon The Catis about to conquer our world and the internet. With his’s expressive face and the help of his creative owner, Jesús Segura’s, Napoleon is a starring in his own calendar.  Segura was looking for work for about a year when he got Napoleon. So to fill his time, Segura began photographing Napoleon.

The Cutest Adventures of Napoleon The Cat



Before Segura knew it, Napoleon’s photographs became a full-time project. He spent three months developing ideas, building props and sets whilst ensuring that his little buddy got time to eat, sleep and frolic as kittens do.


The photographs are amazing with Napoleon’s cute expressive little face and some great ideas for the scenes. We also love the shiny, slick, digital editing work.




pic04 20140915233515-LOGO_NAPOLEON_THE_CAT_RGB_copia

Their project is now on Indiegogo and it has already been successfully funded but you can still buy the products. The range includes calendars, photos, large scale photos, limited edition prints, magnets, badges, etc.

Visit Napoleon The Cat and Also Their Indiegogo page.

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