Nyan Nyan Nouveau – Now Cats can drink wine too

October 16, 2013 in NEWS, PET TRENDS by admin


Pet supplement company B&H Life has just released a cat wine in Japan! The cat wine is called “Nyan Nyan Nouveau”. The word “Nyan Nyan” in Japanese actually means a cat’s meow. And “Nouveau” is probably used to create a product association between the cat wine and the famous “Beaujolais Nouveau”.

Nyan Nyan Nouveau – Cat Wine

Nyan Nyan Nouveau cat wine


Nyan Nyan Nouveau the cat wine contains ingredients such as Cabernet grapes, Vitamin C and the all important catnip to give your kitty a safe wine effect for cats. The cat wine is meant to taste like red wine but with no alcohol in it. The company created the cat wine to allow owners to celebrate their birthdays and New Year with their cats. And we think that the product could appeal to wine enthusiasts and cat lovers. Or it may give you a chance to have an alternative drinking buddy or simply indulge your feline friend with some catnip.


We created this picture of a ginger kitty with Nyan Nyan Nouveau – Cat Wine


We mocked-up this image of a tabby kitty with Nyan Nyan Nouveau – Cat Wine

We do like a bit of a Beaujolais breakfast now and again at Pause but I’m not sure how our cat Talisker would feel about the red wine taste despite the catnip ingredients. But it would be interesting to give Talisker a chance to try.

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