Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway – November 2013

Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway – November 2013

Pauseforcute-Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway

Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway – November 2013

Hello Pause readers! You know how much we love to shop for cute products. It’s getting closer to Christmas so it’s time to start your Christmas shopping. We are bringing you the very best gifts from different categories to make it effortless for you to shop for pet/animal lovers who appreciate good designs and quality products. There will be arrays of gift ideas on our Pause Product Cuteness Lists.

To make Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway even more special, ten sponsors – from luxury pet stores to unique designers – are giving their amazing products to our lucky readers. The giveaway will be titled “Featured Gift” on the Pause Product Cuteness List. The Pause Product Cuteness categories are gifts for dogs, gifts for cats, clothing, accessories, homeware, illustrators and designers and more. Here are Pause’s Product Cuteness featured gift list sponsors:

How to enter the giveaway:

Once the Product Cuteness Gift list article for an individual category has been released, the post will be on Pause’s homepage and also the link to the giveaway will be listed under each sponsor on this page once the list is out.

There are three ways to enter:

1. Pause website – You can leave comments on the Product Cuteness gift list article on Pause’s website. Just say that you want a chance to win that giveaway. If there is more than one giveaway on a particular list, you will have to specify which featured gift you want to win. Some products there will be sizes, please specify the size of the product you want to win in the reply.

2. Twitter – Watch out for #pauseforcute, we’ll use that for the Product Cuteness List. To enter first you need to reply to the gift list tweet to say you want to enter, then retweet and follow Pause and also follow the shop/designer (we’ll include their twitter name on the actual article if they have one) that is giving away the featured gift.

3. Facebook - you will need to reply on that particular Gift List Facebook post saying you want to enter, share that gift list to your wall, and “Like” Pause and the featured gift list sponsor.

The Product Cuteness Giveaway will close on 30th November 2013. The entrants will be put in a prize draw then we will announce the winners on 2nd December 2013. The winners will need to email their address to Pause.

Please note that everyone over 18 years old from all over the world can enter the Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway, with the exception of Paws Couture Leopard Pet Bed.  (It’s huge so we’ll reserve this for the UK residents only.)

You can enter as many giveaway lists as you want. No need to be restricted to one. These giveaways are our sponsors’ presents to our readers! We’ve been working hard to bring this giveaway to our readers. Enjoy, the giveaway and enjoy our gift lists for gift ideas and inspirations for pet/animal lovers!

Giveaway terms:

Open to everyone 18 and over the age of 18 from all over the world. Please note that the Love Leopard pet bed is only open to UK residents (it’s so large so we’ll only be able to post to the UK.)

Featured Products Sponsors:

Paws Couture

pawscouture-pink Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway

Meet Paws Couture - our new friend who has a wonderful selection of designer dog clothing and accessories.Paws Couture has one of the largest ranges of designer dog coats, from light weight gilets to fur lined jumpsuits. There are lots of different styles of dog coat to suit any taste – definitely a must to keep your doggies warm this winter. Read more about Paws Couture on Pause.

Paws Couture Sponsored us with this amazing Leopard Love Pet Bed: this leopard bed giveaway is open to UK residents only (the rest of the giveaway are open to all our readers worldwide)

VISIT PAWS COUTURE, Paws Couture will be featured in Vogue this month, November 2013.


Pet Runway

petrunway-all Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway

Pet Runway is a fantastic one-stop shop online store that stocks from high fashion to practical and cute pet accessories. Their vast product range includes, pet beds, bowls, collars, harnesses, carriers, ID tags, toys and much more. Pet Runway have a large selection of soft dog beds.

Check out our post about Bobby collars from Pet Runway. We’ll be taking you guys on a full tour at Pet Runway very soon.

VISIT PET RUNWAY , our readers get a 10% discount at Pet Runway. Discount code: NextOrder-082013

Concerned that it’s getting darker sooner in winter, Pet Runway is sponsoring us with 3 x Bobby Reflective Cat Collars and 4 x Bobby Reflective Dog Collars (from size XS, S, M, L). This giveaway is open to our readers worldwide.

Dog Collars:

Cat Collars:



Kaeselotti was created by Kathrin Wessel a designer in Hamburg, Germany. She has designed the cutest printed animal fabrics and sewn them into purses herself. The products ranges from animal purses and acrylic brooches to DIY brooch kits. Read more about Kaeselotti on Pause.

Kaeselotti is one of our favourite designers and she’s agreed to sponsor us with her super adorable animal gifts! She’s giving away the Pug Purse, the acrylic fox pin and the DIY cat brooch set. OMG! You guys are so lucky! We are well jealous! haha… This giveaway is open to our readers worldwide.



Anypaw Pet Boutique

anypaw Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway

Anypaw Boutique is the place for you if lovely beautiful, luxurious products and if wonderful service is paramount to you. They really love animals, they have in-depth knowledge of thier products and understand what their customers want. You and pets are in safe hands.  Read more about Anypaw Boutique on  Pause.

Anypaw Boutique is sponsoring us with the beautiful and luxurious dog velvet collar and lead set with diamante details. It is a 12″ collar and lead set that will fit smaller breeds such as Chihuahua, Yorkie, Dachshund, Maltese, etc.

VISIT ANYPAW BOUTIQUEAnypaw Boutique will be featured in Vogue next month, December 2013.


Jo Clark Design

jo-clark-all Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway

Jo Clark’s art has quite paintery and water-colour dreamy style but it’s actually marker pen and pencil and so super fresh and modern. Her product ranges from art print, cards, homeware to accessories. Jo Clark illustrations topic includes dogs, cats, woodland animal and nature. Read more about Jo Clark Design on Pause.

Jo Clark is sponsoring us with these whimsy fresh Christmas Cat Card Set. These are actually our favourite Christmas cards that we’ve found on the Christmas Card hunt for the gift list, so we are very happy that our readers have a chance to win them!



Oz & Mr. Curious

ozandmrcurious Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway

Oz & Mr. Curious has been our friend since the very beginning. They have a super fresh online pet store and have a massive selection of United Pets products. Oz & Mr. Curious is definitely where to go for modern and pop pet accessories.

Read more about Oz & Mr. Curious on Pause.

This month they are sponsoring us with a modern country chic Earthbound Tweed Dog collar is size small 25-35cm neck. Beautiful Autumn/Winter classic that is such lovely quality.


Mama San

mamasan Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway

Mama San is an online homeware, jewellery and clothing boutique selling unique products from independent designs and illustrator. They have a large selection of Gemma Correll and pug products! (our favourite!) And we’ve discovered Wolf and Moon jewellery there.  Mama San is the place to go for unique and cute gifts. See Mama San on Pause.

Mama San is giving away “THE PUG MUG” by Gemma Correll (our favourite, again!). You guys are so lucky, the winner going to sipping a coffee/tea/ hot chocolate in style!



Sketch Your Pet (SYP)

SYP Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway

Sketch Your Pet is the place to get your pet illustrated in a super fresh style by Jonathon Chapman. The pet illustrations are stylised with strong lines. They are high contrast with comic qualities and at the same time really quite detailed. If you really love illustrations that pop, then Sketch your Pet is the place to go. You can get The Classic  - pencil and ink sketch and also The Well Fancy – colour illustrations.

Read about Sketch Your Pet on Pause. VISIT SKETCH YOUR PET

Sketch Your Pet is giving us “Harry” The dog mug, it’s Jonathon mother’s dog and lots of badges. So cute and you can’t buy these in the shop!


Barks & Bunnies


Barks and Bunnies is a new, first-class dog biscuit maker, dog walker and luxury rabbit boarding company which has been launched recently. All of their dog treats have been approved by a leading pet nutrition consultancy. Read more about Barks & Bunnies on Pause.

Barks & Bunnies is giving away a delicious bag of “Time for bed” natural dog biscuits with banana, honey and cinnamon. Yum! (well for the dogs.)


Dicke Katze


Dick Katze is a chubby cat character created by Olivia Vieweg. Read about Dicke Katze on our website here and visit Dicke Katze for more cute!

Dicke Katze are giving away a block of post it and pins for your emergency cute. You can’t buy these as they are their special promo items only. Also in November we are also running Dicke Katze and Pause Cat of the month competition as well, click here to see the details.

This Giveaway will available and the link will be here soon.


We hope you’ll love these amazing products from our sponsors as much as we do and that you enjoy Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway and share them with your friends so they might get a chance to win too!



  1. THE PUG MUG by Gemma Correll is so cute I would love, love, love to have one.

    • It’s sooooo cute! hehe Good luck Jo!:-)

  2. this is such a great page

    • Thank you Lynn. Do you want to enter any of the prize draw? If so, which one? :-)

  3. I want to win

    • Hello Harriet,
      Which prize draw would you like to enter? Thanks! :-)

  4. this would be so good

    • Which prize draw are you entering Chris?

  5. Enter me please x

    • Hello Catherine, Which one do you want to enter? Or all? :-) x

  6. Could I enter the Paws Couture, Anypaw Pet Boutique and Barks & Bunnies giveaways please x

    • Of course, Katrina. Best of luck! :-) x

  7. I would love to enter all of these please. They are just so fantastic. Where do you get your imagination and creativity from? I love!

    • Hello Kerry, good luck on all the prize draws. Glad you think so! Awww… thank you. We work very hard at the website everyday to make sure our readers have the best resource and that everything is well presented. Best of luck! :-)

  8. this would be so good

  9. I would love to win the dog bed, just so I could reclaim my sofa in the evenings.
    Fab prizes xx

    • Thank you Cathy, good luck. We are doing the prize draw today. :-) xx

  10. I would like to be entered into the Paws Couture Leopard Love Pet Bed giveaway, the Barks & Bunnies “Time for bed” natural dog biscuits giveaway and the Kaeselotti giveaway please. (hope it’s ok to enter for more than one?) Lovely prizes! :)

    • Of course Claire. You are enter as many of the as you like. Best of luck we are doing the prize draw today. Glad you like them! :-)

  11. I would love to enter all of them please!! My Dizzy dog deserves a pressie!! :)

    • Of course, Natalie. Best of luck, we are doing the prize draw today. :-)

  12. Can you please enter me into the Dick Katze giveaway to win the notes and badges – I cant find the page! Thank you xxx

    • Yes, of course. :-) xxx

  13. aww everything is so cute :)

    enter for all please xx

    • Of course. Best of luck, Isabelle. xxx

  14. Please may I also be entered into your fabulous giveaway. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new Labrador addition to the family so would be lovely to win something suitable to add to our growing stash.

    • Of course, Kirsty. Best of luck! We’ll be doing the prize draw today. :-)

  15. Could I enter paws couture, pet runway, kaeseloth, any paw pet boutique and barks and bunnies please

    • Of course, Lesley. Best of luck. We are doing the prize draw today. :-)

  16. I’d like to enter the Paws Couture bed giveaway please.

    • Best of luck Sam! :-)


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