Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway Winners Announced

Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway Winners Announced


Pauseforcute-gift-list-Poster-Winner Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway


Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway - Winners Announced

We are delighted to revealed our Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway 2013 Winners. The winners are chosen at random by a webbased interface after we give you all an individual number for each prize draw. Congratulations everyone.We’ll get in touch. Please respond within 7 days otherwise we’ll do another prize draw for that category. Winners can email us at: :

Pug Mug from Mamasan – Charlotte

Jo Clark Christmas Card - Theresa Jayne Stackpoole

Pet Runway Dog Collar - Winner Mich, Bobby collar in XS lime green – Runner up Kirsty, N Bobby collar M in red, 2nd Runner Up Natalie Henderson (gets the first choice of the last two collars which is Black L or Pink S), 3rd Runner up Lesley Cohen Wright (Depends on Nat)

Anypaw Red Velvet Dog Collar – Katrina Walsh

Oz & Mr. Curious Earthbound Tweed Dog Collar - Isabelle Smith

Barks & Bunnies Dog Biscuit – Claire JB

Pet Runway Cat Collars – Winner Lindsey Clark (RED COLLAR), Runner Up Katie Macloed (First choice between orange or grey), 2nd Runner Up Kerry Kilmister

Paws Couture Leopard Pet Bed – Alex V Cox

Kaeselotti – Karen Scammell

Sketch Your Pets – Claire Davies

Dicke Katze - Danielle Vedmore



  1. Oh wow YAY! And oh no! My dog doesn’t wear an XL collar – he’s a Pomeranian, and should get an XS. lol

  2. Mich: Lol! You did put lime green but XL in your comments. I guess you meant to put XS. Anyway, all sorted. I’ll correct that on the email to the others.

  3. Thanks so much am thrilled! xoxo


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