Pause’s Product Cuteness – the ultimate Pug products, accessories and gifts

Pause’s Product Cuteness – the ultimate Pug products, accessories and gifts

Pug products and gift lists – this is another instalment on Pause’s product cuteness list. We all at some point falled in love with the little squidgey faces of the pugs. Pause’s product cuteness #pauseproductcuteness is a collection of only the most adorable, unique and quality products we can find for each categories. With this edit, we found the very best selection of products from beautiful sleep mask, hyper-realistic bags and cushions to quirky comic style mugs.

Pause’s Product Cuteness – the ultimate Pug Products, Accessories and gifts guide

Pug Sleep Mask

pug sleeping mask pug products

 Pug Sleep Mask is perfect for any pug lover!

The mask face is hand drawn and printed a canvas fabric. Your face will be cozy with the high quality soft jersey fabric touching it. It has a foam lining, making the mask breathable. The mask strap is adjustable so you can customize it to your comfortable fit.

Pug Purse

kaeselotti pug purse pug products

This Pug Purse from Kaeselotti is not only great for carrying your small change but also a perfect for oddments like hairclips, pills, nail polish….

Teacup Pug Necklace

teacup pug necklace

Gemma Correll party pug in a teacup, eco-friendly silver or white bronze pendant. Handcrafted by Chocolate and Steel.

Classic Pug Dolls

pug dolls wool 1

This little pug is made of soft felted merino wool.
It is beige or fawn with black ears and nose…so we called him “Classic”.

pug dolls wool

More colours!

Pug Illustration (customisable)

pugillustration vineyard

Pug & Pug Vineyards — Gallery Wrapped Canvas Canvas Wall Art by Ryan Fowler.

Pug & Co. Canoe Company Canoes ILLUSTRATION

pug canvas

 Pug & Co. Canoes – Canoe Company Giclee print by Ryan Fowler

Gemma Correll Pugs Not Drugs Tote – White and Blue


Gemma Correll Pugs Not Drugs Tote – White and Blue from Mama San

Pug Mug

pug mug blue 2

pug mug blue

*Mama San Exclusive* My Pug Mug Gemma Correll x Mama San(Blue)

Pug Products – Handmade Vinyl Art Passport Case

pug not drugs passport cover

Adorable, handmade vinyl Pugs not drugs passport case with art and words to live by, illustration by Gemma Correll and made by Tinymeat

Pug Personalised Address Rubber Stamp

pug address stamp

Pug Personalised Adress Rubber Stamp from from Lushprints

Pug Loaf Medium

pug loaf

Medium Pug loaf pillow!  by Cornstarch— Hug pugs—

DIY Pug Plush Pattern

pug DIY plush

DIY Pug Plush pattern by DIYFluffies This PDF plush toy sewing pattern is a downloadable pattern that you are able to download after payment.

pug DIY plush 2

DIY Pug Plush pattern by DIYFluffies This PDF plush toy sewing pattern is a downloadable pattern that you are able to download after payment.

Pug Magnets

pug magnets

Four one-inch magnets with original illustrations of a little puggy name Ball-Z, inspired by Maostudio’s pug. These are nicely packaged and ready for gift giving.

Kaeselotti Pug Button Set

pug fabric button set

These Pug badges are perfect for jazzing up your shirt, pullover or bag.

Pug Pouches


Pug makeup bag – Handy pouch with 2-sided dog face print. It has polyester lining and zipper closure.

Giant Pug Bag

pug giant bag

Giant Pug Bag- this is a 2-sided dog face print bottom round bag, even the straps are with the same print. You can see her ears are 3-dimensional, so cute! It is made in synthetic fabric with good colorfastness.

Realistic Pug Cushion

pug cushion cover

Realistic Pug Cushion - This 2-sided pet face print cushion cover will bring style to any room in your home or will make the perfect gift. A pair of 3D ears also makes it so lively at home!

Pug Sweat

jade pug sweat

*Mama San Exclusive* Pugs n Kisses Sweat by Gemma Correll

Pug T-shirt

pug balloon tee

Balloon Pug Tee by HWBP

Sketch Pug Sweat

pug HWBP sweat


HWBP: Stay warm on cool nights, or stay cool on warm nights. Either way, we’re loving the crew.
Screenprinted on Gildan® Ultra Cotton® Crewneck sweatshirt

Pug Clutch

pug vintage clutch 2

Mimi the Pug Dog Cute Vintage Inspired Brown Vinyl Side Strap Clutch Purse Bag

pug vintage clutch

Mimi the Pug Dog Cute Vintage Inspired Brown Vinyl Side Strap Clutch Purse Bag

Pug Collar Clips

pug collar clips

These pug collar clips are perfect for adding a quirky twist to any collared shirt or dress – simply pin one pug to each side of the collar for a super cute look.

There it was Pause’s Product cuteness – Pug products, accessories and gift guide. We love hunting for new talents in cute designs. And Etsy has so many great new emerging and also established artists and designers in their community. We hope you guys enjoyed looking at our Pug product cuteness as much as we did. This list has left us with that longing to shop feeling. Fancy anything from the list? If you guys want to see more list with something in particular, please do leave a comment.

Come and talk to us about cute animals and products on twitter: @pauseandplayuk



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