Petcube – a toy for playing with your pets while you are at work

Petcube – a toy for playing with your pets while you are at work

Alex Neskin is the founder of Petcube, whose innovative pet toy will solve a problem for millions of working people – not being able to check on their pets during the day. It’s quite upsetting to know that your pets are alone at home, probably really sad and bored, while you are working hard. The story begins with Alex who lives with his girlfriend and his dog called Rocky in an apartment.


Alex and Rocky

They have to leave Rocky home alone while they go to work. The neighbours made a complaint about Rocky making a lots of noise through out the day. So Alex set up a Wi-Fi webcam to observe Rocky’s behaviour while they are out.  Alex was greatly upset because Rocky didn’t have anything to do and was barking and scratching all day. Then Alex decided to build a Robot with a rotating camera and a low-intensity laser pointer (Rocky’s favourite toy) and connected it to his website so Alex and his family could play with Rocky all day.


 Petcube prototype

 Soon he realised that he can help other people and their pets to have more fun in the day while their owners are out.  So Alex set out and recruited a team to developed Petcube.





The Petcube team

Petcube is a gadget which allows pet owner to watch, talk to and play with their pets remotely, using the a web-interface or smartphone. The unit consists of a video camera, a laser pointer which can be controlled by the end user and a microcomputer which is connected to Wi-fi.


You can access petcube from anywhere and even if you don’t have a pet you can just play with a public petcube.

The smartphone app allow users to see a video stream from the camera and interact with their pets and also to move the laser pointer dot to play with their pets. And another bonus is you can share a link online and let your friends and family play with your pet. You can also connect with other owners and play with various pets even if you don’t have a pet.


On the smartphone app you can play with your pet in real-time like a video game and share the video with your friends. You can also call your pet up if it’s out of sight.



Petcube is in the development stage at the moment but you can pre-order here. When the production prototype is ready, Alex will launch Petcube on Kickstarter. The latest news is that Petcube will be ready for shipment in autumn. Sign up to their newsletter to keep up to date. We think Petcube is a wonderful idea that would help to keep many pets happier through out the day. We believe that it will be a great mass-market success!

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