Pop up Pet – Your New Pet Desk Buddies

Pop up Pet – Your New Pet Desk Buddies

Everywhere I used to work, I was one of those weirdos who had loads of animal toys and figurines as my desk buddies. My desk buddies were really cute and always brightened up my work day. I seem to have way less of them now that I’ve started working from home – maybe because our cat always sit next to me.

Pop up Pet – Your New Pet Desk Buddies

Today I want to share Pop Up Pet with you, newly launched last week by a family business in Bath, UK. They are flat packed pets made out of printed cards and can be easily fold out to form our favourite feline and canine friends.

pop up pet

Pop Up Pet is a perfect gift for dog and cat lovers, especially ones that don’t have pets at the moment. They come is bright envelopes, are flat pack and the size of puppies or kittens. Also a Pop Up Pet would be great addition to your desk buddies collection, if you are like me!

pug_bea2737a-4d1b-42d5-9fc0-0c94b5c3bc83_1024x1024 Print


“The Pop up Pets started off as little card models which we made as a way of keeping Monty, our Golden-Doodle, off the sofa. Before we knew it we found we had a living room full of pet friends who had just popped up from nowhere. Everyone who came into our home delighted in them.” explained Roz from Pop Up Pet.

Dachshund_1_1024x1024gingertom_1024x1024 silvertabby_1024x1024

Pop Up Pets come in four designs: Pugs, Dachshunds, Silver Tabbies and Ginger Toms.

Visit Pop Up Pet to find out more.

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