Poppy and Rufus – Sox Travel Towel For Dogs Review

Poppy and Rufus – Sox Travel Towel For Dogs Review

Poppy and Rufus – Sox Travel Towel For Dogs

An absolute must for every dog owner, this fantastic, microfiber towel is super-absorbent and washes and dries in a jiffy.  A quick rub down and once-over for paddy paws before jumping back into cars or through the front door keeps mud and dirt at bay.

sox.life.towelin_edited sox travel towel

Tiny enough to pack away into its integral, drawstring pouch yet mighty enough to tackle muck, keep Sox in the car or porch ready to go.

  • Integral, poly cotton drawstring pouch in bespoke Little Rufus print
  • 100%, soft, 280gsm high-quality cotton, in pewter grey
  • Made in the UK, exclusively for Poppy & Rufus

Mollie Says: Sox Travel Towel For Dogs Review



DSC_4550 sox travel towel

Poppy and Rufus sent us Sox Travel Towel For Dogs to try out. Mollie our residential dog product expert will be helping us review this towel.

The Sox Travel Towel is lovely, light-weight and fits neatly into a small pouch which should, in turn, fit neatly into any handbag, when you go for walkies. The drawstring pouch also has a handy toggle so it’s very easy to open and close it. The towel feels nice: high quality and very well made.

DSC_4556 copy

The Sox travel towel is large enough to completely cover a small dog like Mollie with size to spare. So it would be a perfect travel towel for dogs of any size. It is a micro fibre towel, making it super-absorbent and easy to wash and dry.


To see how absorbent the towel is, we gave Mollie a full bath and dried her afterwards. And it’s incredible! The travel towel can actually dry Mollie (a small dog) over half way to being completely dry.  Because this is the travel towel it’ll be able to dry your dog effectively even if they get incredible wet while swimming. We were astonished at the drying power of such a compact towel.




After use, the towel can go back into its pouch so it wouldn’t make a mess. The towel also dries very fast so it’s not too soggy afterwards. All in all, we love everything about the Sox Travel Towel from Poppy and Rufus. The only thing we think could make this product better is an option for a larger towel for extra large dogs. If you are looking for a new dog walking companion, we can certainly recommend this product!

Size: 4/5

Practicality: 5/5

Quality: 5/5

Price: 4/5

Visit Poppy And Rufus to find out more. 


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