PurrBoxes – Monthly Cat Treat Box That Will Make Them Purr

PurrBoxes – Monthly Cat Treat Box That Will Make Them Purr

We’ve found an exciting, new monthly subscription box for cat owners in the UK - PurrBoxes. PurrBoxes offers an array of treats and toys from the biggest brands and also from unique, independent stores. There is a monthly subscription option and also a single cat box for a one off treat or just for those curious to try them out before subscribing. A monthly subscription is a convenient way to get great new products for cats if you are too busy to scout them out yourself.





Step 1. Choose your PurrBox, Step 2. Tell them about your cats, Step 3. Play and Purr

PurrBoxes not only include treats and toys in the box but also one month’s supply of catnip and cat grass. We thought that option is a nice touch. The toys will also keep your cats entertained and stimulated. Our cat, Talisker, loves nothing more than catnip. It is strange that she has only developed a taste for catnip as she has grown older.

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PurrBoxes is run by cat owners for cat owners. So they said you can be assured that all the products are carefully selected to ensure that your feline friend is happy. Also, the selection is especially designed for UK kitties. So if you are thinking about a subscription box, have a look at PurrBoxes or even try the single cat box to see what it’s like. If you do, please let us know how you got on.


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