Qcha Modular Stackable Cat House From Italy

Qcha Modular Stackable Cat House From Italy

Qcha is a modular cat house and tower in one.  The company was founded by three Italian designers Daniela Ogis, Stefano Ogis, & Fabrizio Fillo. The cat houses are made out of wood with entrances on the side, on the floor and also on the top of the unit. So it’s possible to stack them up to create a customised cat tower or even a cat maze.

Qcha Modular Stackable Cat House


Qcha Modular Stackable Cat House




The units feature a glass front to allow your cat to play and watch the world go by. What a wonderful idea! There are carpets inside for scratching and snoozing on.







The design of the cat house is modern, simple but very effective. Qcha are available in Star and Star Basic types. With the Star, you can customise the colour of the units to match your home decor. These cat houses are perfect for indoors and outdoors. They are multi-functional designs that can be used as side tables or as cat steps. To make it even better, the product is completely biodegradable.

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