Refined Architectural Fish Shaped Cat Bed

Refined Architectural Fish Shaped Cat Bed

There are many talented designers of pet products in Korea right now. Sang Nam Park is one of them.  Inspired by the link between cats and fish in our collective unconsciousness, Sang Nam Park has created a unique and refined fish-shaped cat bed/house.

Refined Architectural Fish Shaped Cat Bed

fish shaped cat bed

fish shaped cat bed making

fish shaped cat bed sang nam park

Not only is the design of the fish-shaped cat bed is much more refined than any fish-shaped cat bed in the market but it is also adorable, airy and well-ventilated. We think the design reflects the shape of  fish bone structures perfectly, especially when looking up through the bones. It reminds us of the story Pinnochio and the whale as well. The cat house shows the irony of the cat sleeping inside the fish’s tummy instead.




sang nam park

The bed is lovingly hand-crafted with padded foam mattress and the results looks perfectly professional. Since we all love craft and DIY at Pause, Sang Nam Park’s project has certainly inspired us to design our own cat furniture. Has it inspired you to work on your own?

Visit Sang Nam Park.

Via Design Taxi.



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