Scout the pit bull with a talent of balancing stuff on his head

Scout the pit bull with a talent of balancing stuff on his head

Scout the Pit bull has an incredible talent of balancing stuff on his head and he’s also extremely patient. His owner has created a website Stuff on Scout’s headshowing him balancing objects: a massive sandwich, a vase filled with flowers, burgers, a giant block of cheese, cupcakes, donuts, board games and other random stuff.

Scout is a nine-year-old rescued Pit bull who lives with his owner and various cat and dog friends in Ontario. Scout the pit bull is so obedient he would not eat any of the human food that was put on his head. He gets rewarded with various dog treats such as raw bones, chews and raw cuts of meat. According to his owner, the vase filled with flowers is actually flowers for Scout from a florist fan. And the most difficult one to do is the giant bone because he knows that bone is his to chew later.

Here is a loveable and hilarious collection of the best of Stuff on Scout’s Head

donuts Scout the Pit bull

brie scout



gourd scout

scout lap top

stuff on scouts head  strawberry

stuff on scouts head  sushi stuff on scouts head hot dog

stuff on scouts head muffin

stuff on scouts head pepper

stuff on scouts head pro photo cupcake

stuff on scouts head






dino scout

To see more of Scout’s pictures visit him at Stuff on Scout’s head,.

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