Shru – The Cat Companion That Mimics Small Animals Movement

Shru – The Cat Companion That Mimics Small Animals Movement

There is no shame in admitting an epic fail when you buy a new toy or accessory for your cat. Sometimes cats are simply not interested. Shru – the cat companion – is about to change that. We were looking around on Kickstarter for the most promising new pet businesses and came across Shru. Shru is an intelligent robotic device that mimics the movement and sound of small animal. It’s a product designed by Jason O’Mara. The project has been successfully funded

As cat owners, unless you have a really young kitten, you do spend time and money trying get your cat interested in cat toys. Especially seniors cats like our Talisker; normally she would just give us a disapproving look when we try to make her move. However Shru the cat companion might be a great option for cats of all ages.

Shru egg the cat companion

Shru - The Cat Companion



IMG_1448\ IMG_1436

The Features:

  • Shru responds to your cat’s play by mimicking a small animal’s erratic movement and sound
  • Shru is rechargeable through your USB phone charging cord — never buy batteries again!
  • Configure Shru to operate in different modes on your laptop’s interface
  • You can also mute the sound while you connect the Shru using the USB.


What can Shru do?

  • Move back and forth even over carpets
  • Shake and make cute sounds
  • Sense obstacles and reverse direction
  • and most importantly,  Shru will sense kitty interactions ( taps, kitty-grabs, and pounces) and try to escape while making lots of noise!

How does Shru work?

Inside of Shru, a Gearmotor turns an offset weight which displaces Shru’s center of gravity and the entire toy rolls forward or backward. An on-board angular sensor located on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB), adjusts to different floor types, human and kitty obstacles.

Watch it in action:

We are so impressed our first look at Shru and we are contemplating buying it. Visit Shru The Cat Companion and pre-order.


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