T-Pai – smart home for small dogs is set for release in 2015

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T-Pai – smart home for small dogs is set for release in 2015. T-Pai is a doghouse designed for small dogs living in urban areas, epecially if the dog would be left by itself. This intelligent doghouse has just been awarded U.S. patent and it has reached the final stages of development by Hong Kong Tesla Technology Ltd.

T-Pai smart home for small dogs


T-pai features automated waste-removal system and feeding system. The owner can set the feeding system using a tablet or their phone to feed the dog daily, with options to schedule the amount and time of feeding for one week. T-pai has a health management system which records a dog’s eating habits and also keep a growth diary. It also has an automatic water refill system when the water level is too low. The design in cute and nostalgic in the shape of a British double decker bus. The toilet room has a device which uses liquid scent to attract dogs that need to use the loo and afterwards it automatically sterilises and flushes the waste for your convenience. T-pai has been designed for pets that have to be left at home during the day while their owners have to work.

T-Pai comes with many interactive features such as a TV monitor so the owner knows how the dog is doing while they are out. There is also the “Pet Station” which consists of games, learning programmes and music videos to keep the dog company while left alone.

T-Pai smart home for small dogs will be released in North America and China first. We think T-Pai will be giving us a new way of communication between human and dogs, especially for people who can’t be at home during the day.

It was difficult to understand the narrator on the video but T-Pai still comes across as an innovative and interesting product. It’s interesting to watch the video below, as it’s such an amazing idea.

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