Vogue – 31 Days of The Cat and the Flat Edit

Vogue – 31 Days of The Cat and the Flat Edit

Last month Vogue had a featured edit “The Cat and the Flat” which lasted the whole month with daily pictures uploaded to their website. The Cat and the Flat edit was by Vogue Fashion Editor Jorden Bickham and shot by photographer Charlie Engman.

This edit would certainly make any fashionista squee. We’re not sure which will cause a squee first: the super-adorable Chanel flats or the Himalayan kitties. Cats plus designer shoes are sure fire to make an impact on the internet. Featuring footwear from designers like Céline, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, and Marc Jacobs (our favourite designer!) plus amazingly cute cats, it’s going to be one of our favourite edits ever. See all the pictures on Vogue.

The Cat and the Flat 

The Cat and The Flat

That’s Tommy—and a rubber-soled studded sandal that will have nine lives in your closet.

Balenciaga nylon, rubber and leather classic Arena Strap sandals


Taraji (nickname: Trashy) and a flirty flat with satin flowers and beads. Pair with cropped jeans, full skirts . . . the shoes, that is.

Oscar de la Renta Judgie flats,


How the rubber meets the road this spring! Givenchy, gems, and George.

Givenchy bordeaux lucite sandals


Pignoli is eleven weeks old and ready for adoption! The cool python and chain loafers are brand-new and you have to buy them.

Creatures of The Wind x Tabitha Simmons shoes


Princess Monster Truck was born on the streets with an underbite and now has nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram. In these jeweled sandals (flats on mesas!) you should be so fabulous.

Tibi Hedda sandals


George, brother of Tommy (see March 1), has hopped into the designer-sneaker trend. He is being discreet, sort of, in Céline.

Céline check knit pull-on trainerscats-kittens-flats-shoes-10_172732422236

You’ve lived at least nine lives in Birkenstocks. Carmelo Anthony (nickname: “Mello”) understands well their peculiar rejuvenating quality.

Birkenstock Gizeh shoes


Mello hits the road. So will you, all summer, in these playful jeweled numbers.

Tory Burch Sydney beaded leather sandals


Charlie and Tiramisu (nickname: “Susy”) are brother and sister, and just so lovely. The Chanel pearled sandals are rather gorgeous too.

Chanel black grosgrain sandals


More Mary Janes! And move over Lupita: Who knew Trashy modeled for Miu Miu?

Miu Miu patent-leather printed flats


If Princess Monster Truck (PMT to her pals, of which she has many) approves of designer Tevas, well, sign us up, too.

Marc Jacobs sport sandals


Taraji (Trashy) is having a Narcissus moment. You’ll empathize, for you won’t stop ogling your feet in these lovely brocade slides.

Bruno Magli Aina


Charlie isn’t sure if he wants the cream or the Viviers. We know ouranswer.

Roger Vivier Ballerine Studs flats


Carmelo (“Mello”) Anthony understands the claw-able allure of a crocheted espadrille. Sorry kitty! Paws off. You don’t get to destroy these hippie chic wonders.

Valentino green leather embroidered espadrilles


It’s a surf sneak; it’s a fashion statement in Trashy-approved, please-do-not-claw, red mesh.

Alexander Wang Jess sneaker in Double Bed Mesh

Via Refinery 29 and Vogue


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