Beautiful Photographs Showcase The Cat House on The Kings

Beautiful Photographs Showcase The Cat House on The Kings

Christina Gandolfo is an editorial and commercial photographer based in LA, California.  To raise awareness of the The Cat House on The Kings sanctuary, she is showcasing her beautiful photographs from a two day visit. These photographs really spoke to us and show the personalities of the individual cats as well as the love that The Cat House team have for these abandoned feline friends. Gandolfo captures The Cat House with vivid colours, strong angles and artistic composition. She has a new fan here at Pause!


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The Cat House on The Kings

The Cat House on The Kings is the world’s largest no-kill cat sanctuary where they have more than 700 cats. The sanctuary has saved over 24,000 cats and 7,000 dogs since it was founded in 1992 by Lynea Lattanzio. Lattanzio is an experienced veterinary technician. Her team at The Cat House has a daily task of searching for abandoned cats, bringing them back to the sanctuary and caring for them.



“To me, it’s not a life if they’re in a cage. They need to be able to run full speed and climb a tree. That’s a cat.” Lattanzio told the HuffPost.

The Cat House on The Kings is not only a cat sanctuary but it also serves as an education and adoption centre. You can get information and tips on your cat’s health and behavioural problems as well.


The Cat House on The Kings













The Cat House on The Kings is a non-profit corporation and it receives no government funding.  So it relies completely on donations from the public. Please visit their website to donate or adopt a kitty in need of a new forever home.

Via Bored Panda and Huff Post

Images via Christina Gandolfo


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