The Cats’ House – A Book On How To Make A Cat Friendly House

The Cats’ House – A Book On How To Make A Cat Friendly House
The Cats’ House is an idea book full of suggestions on how to make your house into a cat friendly home. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how an architect customised his home for the cats and how he was inspired by this book The Cats’ House. Today I want to talk a bit more about the book and showcase some of the images from the famous cat house. Robert Walker and his wife, Frances Mooney share their San Diego home with nine feline friends.


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The Cats’ House

the cats' house cat scratcher


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It all began in 1986, when Walker created a floor-to-ceiling scratching post for their nine cats. Walker wished to create a safe, feline-friendly environment. One thing led to another and he added various features to the house to improve the environment for his indoor cats. Cat-friendly features include 140ft of elevated cat skywalks (he refers to them as cat walks), ramps, cat stairs, tunnels, a cat spiral staircase and mouse holes which allow the cats to go through from one room to another.


The Cats' House


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I really love the eccentric pop art, mixed with a tribal style which gives this house such an individual look. Walker and his wife, Mooney, use 40 bright coloured paints for this house and with the extra quirky decorations, the house has become the most famous indoor cat playground.  The styling of The Cats’ House received international media attention.  It has even made it onto Animal Planet.


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The Cats' House 3


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The Cats' House 4


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There are some instructions and practical tips in the book. I think that the ideas and the photography are the perfect inspiration for you to create feline-friendly house projects.  Unfortunately, the couple have relocated to the East and the new owners of the house removed the feline-friendly features. So The Cats’ House original is now only living a memory. If you interested in improving your house for your kitties and are not great at DIY, Robert Walker offers a consultation service on his website. Buy the The Cats’ House and visit Robert Walker’s website to see more.

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