The Feline Boutique – Feed Your Cat Addiction Now

The Feline Boutique – Feed Your Cat Addiction Now

Our friend Dottie Dog told us about - The Feline Boutique - an online boutique that will totally feed your cat addiction! Kaylee started The Feline Boutique because she loves cats since she was a child and now that she has some of her own they inspire her to create the boutique for cat lovers.

“I can’t remember a time when I didn’t like cats. I grew up around them when I was young and when I was finally able to get a cat that was my own, it was super awesome! I named her Baby Cat mostly because I couldn’t think of another name for her, but it fits. Baby Cat is extremely moody, and kind of snooty, but she’s really cute, so it’s all good! The cats that I’m surrounded by now are all strays that have just stuck around so now they’re ours, I guess, but they’re really sweet cats and my inspiration.” said Kaylee.

Kaylee’s range is lino-print cat themed gifts from tees, accessories to homeware. Perfect place to buy gifts for cat and animal lovers out there or even secret gifts for yourself! We particularly love the Crazy as a bag of cats tote bag, it’s hilarious!

Our Favourites from The Feline Boutique



Black and white cat shirt, cat tee


Crazy as a bag of cats Canvas tote bag


Black and salmon pink cat head crop tank top



Orange Cat Print Tee


The Feline Boutique




Maroon slub tee with white cat print


Cat print pillow


Go Away mini leather sketch book

The Feline Boutique

GoAway Cat canvas tote


Black meow tank top


Meow leather sketch book

Visit The Feline Boutique now to feed your inner cat lady.


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