The Kitten Covers – classic album cover artwork revamped with kittens

The Kitten Covers – classic album cover artwork revamped with kittens

The Kitten Covers  is a mashed-up of three of my favourite things in the world kittens, music and design. Alfra Martini was the creator of the Kitten Covers a website which photo-manipulated photos of kittens onto the world’s most well-knowned music album covers. The concept and execution of the artwork are exceptional with artworks from albums like David Bowie, The Doors, Michael Jackson, Public Enemy, Queen and many more. Also his idea started from one of my favourite recording artist David Bowie so this website is just bound for success!


David Bowie – Aladdin Sane

“It was then that a vision popped into my head: David Bowie as a kitten. I don’t know how or why. Perhaps it’s because I’m a huge Bowie fan and have an Aladdin Sane tote bag I use and see everyday – or perhaps it was because my little calico cat was sleeping at my feet, as she usually does when I’m in bed – or maybe it was the Theraflu – but it was a very clear image and the thought made me laugh.  The die was cast. I had to see it in real life.” said Alfra Martini

The Kitten Covers

michaelcatson The Kitten Covers  Off-the-Wall-album-cover

Michael Jackson – Off The Wall

meowzepplin The Kitten Covers  Houses-of-the-Holy


Led Zepplin – Houses of the Holy

thedoorskittenthe doors

The Doors – The Doors


Prince – Controversy

squeen The Kitten Covers   Queen - Queen II

Queen – Queen II


Outkast – Stankonia


Parliament  - Mothership Connection


Heart – Dreamboat Annie


Pet Shop Boys – Actually

villagepeople machoman


Village People – Macho Man (Okay -this one is just cute, not sure about the music!)


The B-52′s

This is definitely one of the cutest concept ever! I hope you enjoyed this article, I may have been a bit biased as most of the albums I picked are the ones I liked. Haha! You can see plenty more on The Kitten Covers.

Sherry @ Pause

VIA Huffingtonpost, The Kitten Covers

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