The Manchester Pet Show 2013 – Part 1

The Manchester Pet Show 2013 – Part 1

We’ve just experienced the Manchester Pet Show 2013 last weekend. It’s a brand new pet show and we were lucky enough to get to do press coverage for the show.

The Manchester Pet Show 2013 has been designed to be a family fun-filled day for animal lovers. With hundreds of animals on display including dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, birds and ponies, it was a fantastic day out with lots of shops to see.  It was also fascinating and informative. There are experts in each zone of the show to talk about the animals and how to care for them. The highlight of the show includes, The Kennel club, TICA (The International Cat Association), Scruffts Regional heat, World of Wings, Safari Phil, Pet Nation and more. There are a variety of pet-related companies selling their products at the show.

We had a wonderful day at Manchester Pet Show and would highly recommend a visit next year. Here’s our report on interesting companies we talked to and also brands and new products we found at the show.

This is the first instalment of the Manchester Pet Show 2013 article, we’ll talk about the brands, products and pet services. The second instalments in this section will cover the breeders, clubs, associations and more.

The Manchester Pet Show 2013 – Part 1

Draw My Paws

The Draw My Paws stand was beautiful and inviting; it was full of pretty graphic illustrations of pets. We spoke to Jenna Knowles the owner of Draw My Paws about the unique qualities of her pet portraits.

drawmypaws The Manchester Pet Show 2013

 “Draw my paws does bespoke Pet Portraits. What we do is take photographs of the pets that customers send to us, and we create graphic illustration and what we do is built in text or colours or whatever the customer wants. Whether they have a specific colour in mind or specific style. One of our best sellers is the one with the text, we add in all the pet’s favourite things – their favourite toys, any nickname and more. That’s one of the best things that our customers love about our products – it’s not just a picture but it shows their personality as well. It’s a real snapshot of the pet. It’s what they mean to you.”

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 15.27.24

 We are so impressed with how friendly Jenna is and also how special the Draw my Paws product is and with a very reasonable price; you just can’t go wrong. It is a perfect gift for pet lovers and also for yourself if you love pets. Visit Draw My Paws


Taming Tiddles

Gill Lever is a Cat Psychologist with a background in Human Psychology. Her shop, Taming Tiddles, was one of our favourites at the show as Gill is fascinating!


“It’s all accessories for cats! We got a wide range of beddings, t-shirts, pet-prams. You can take your pet for a run to the seaside or take your feline to the vets in style in a pet pram! We’ve got lots of home grown catnip. We also have flower remedy for cats that are anxious or aggressive.”


We highly recommend the home-grown catnip from her store. Talisker (our cat) is in-love with the catnip. We think it’s very potent and high quality as we compared it against standard brand catnip. Haha! And we love the cat face cat bed. So adorable and super soft. Visit Gill’s site or email Gill at


Chiki Paws Ltd.

We met Helen Turner and David Law the owners of Chiki Paws Ltd., Any Paw Boutique and Preppy Dogwear. We thought here at Chiki Paws’ stand we saw the best selections of beautiful products for dogs at the Manchester Pet Show. The way Helen talks shows that she really cares about her customers.


“We are here promoting our bed range today. We have four different kinds of poster beds: Buckle berry, Annie four design, Vogue beds, our new retro beds and cappuccino beds.



“Today we are customising a bed for a customer using Vogue fabric on the four poster bed.

“Also here we have dog lead holders and we can design these to represent your dog.


“We also stock a beautiful selection of rhinestone and diamante dog collars, leads and Fabuleash which are beautiful New York designed jewelled leads. We have own range of Preppy dog wear harnesses for Chihuahua size to Cocker Spaniel size dogs.

“And finally, here we have The Rectory – our dog Mansion – which is made from marine plywood. It is suitable for indoor or outdoors and we can customise the colours as required.”

We were so happy to meet Helen from Chiki Paws Ltd. Not only do they sell amazing dog accessories and dog wear but they are also a part of #pawesomefamily as well. So we were excited to meet them! Click the link to visit : Any Paw Boutique


Devoted to Dachshunds

Devoted to Dachshunds is an online super store specialising in Dachshund products. There is a wonderful collection of Dachshund gifts, featuring special British-made items such as the adorable Fetch china range from Repeat Repeat; the gorgeous work of Rachel Dimbleby of Dimbleby Ceramics; the luxurious cushion and blanket designs of Hannah Williamson; and the charming designs of Flossie & Bumble. We had a chat with the owner of Devoted to Dachshunds:



“Everything on the online shop has a Dachshund theme. We sell a lot to the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Our products include scarves, blankets, cushions, napkins, tea towels, key rings, jewellery and we also do gift certificates. They are great for Christmas gifts and also for people who love Dachshunds. We are going to branch out in dog clothes soon.”



How sweet are the ladies? Having the framed pictures of her Dachshunds at the stand as they are her inspiration for the online store! Also they are part of our #Pawesomefamily as well.



Photography, Spa and Boutique

We had a chat with the wonderful Esther Marie from Pawtraits about her unique pet services that combine photography with a spa and a boutique. Esther’s photographs stood out at the show; we believe that they captured the mood and the personality of the pets. Also we adore Esther’s photography style. Her stand at The Manchester Pet Show was one of the most stunning. Here’s what Esther said about Pawtraits:


 “We are a unique photography studio where we provide a spa service, boutique, as well as photography. Dogs can come in can have a bath, a fluff and a sparkle which is one of our packages where they can have a facial and “paw-decure” before the photo shoot.


“We have a wide range of unique products like art prints, canvases, floating canvases and coffee table books.

“Not only do we work with dogs, we work with many other animals from cats to tortoises. And we also do commercial work and pet workshops.”

 pawtraits 2

Esther also added, “There are a lot of different techniques to get the best portraits of the pets. I think the best one is food and a lot of patience. Also getting the owner to help out can be very productive and they get to enjoy the photo shoot as well”.



Runaround is the most exciting new product we came across at the Manchester Pet show 2013. We spoke to one of the owners, Caroline Lord about Runaround. We felt that Caroline’s concept was so thoughtful for the bunnies and their owners and the products were absolutely genius. And we love the fact that it can fit on your existing rabbit hutches and runs so you can still give your rabbit’s home a makeover that would keep them extra happy. Here’s Caroline explaining how Runaround works:


 “We made Runaround because rather than keeping rabbits in the hutch alone, usually without a friend, they need access to a run without the owner needing to pick them up and put them into a run everyday. Sometimes they are forgotten or sometimes it rains so the rabbit want to go inside a sheltered area anyway. So the rabbit having a need for a connection between its home and a run is an important factor and the starting point of Runaround.


“We started off making pipe connections with doors that can be use to connect any hutch or any run. Then we carried on extending the product range; we make mesh tunnels and pipes within tunnels to make a kind of warren. There are chambers and connected areas. It’s very much like they are build underground but they are above land. They understand it and they mark all the entrances and it makes them feel at home, at ease and safe. I’ve been finding that the rabbits are much friendlier and easier to handle since we use Runaround.”

Visit Runaround for more details.


Teddy Face

Teddy is a new brand of dog beds, dog clothes and car booster seats. The dog beds and clothes are all adorable and handmade. The best sellers are the dog beds with ears and a tail – our favourite too. I think what really stood out about Teddy Face is that the dog beds are so girlie and beautifully made, definitely the shop to go to if you love the girlie look.





The HiK9 captured our attention because they have unique-looking bed frames, sheepskin rugs and strong branding throughout the stand. We needed to know what the products are all about. We talk to them about the HiK9 Raised Pet Bed which is a durable, practical, easy to clean & assembled, with changeable fabric covers and a great pet bed with health benefits for your older pets as well.

hik9 3

“The beds are raised off the floor so in the winter it’s a lot warmer and in the summer it’s cooler. There are two versions of the fabric top – the solid and the mesh. The mesh is good choice for dogs with longer/big hair, so the dirt will fall straight through.

 hik9 2

“The fabric cover moulds to your dog’s body so there is no pressure point for the dog so they would not get uncomfortable sores. And this feature makes the bed excellent for dogs with Arthritis and joint problems.


“It’s collapsible so you can take it camping. No tools to put it back up so easy to reassemble. The mesh fabric is great for the hygiene as the bed would not smell, no hair will get stuck on the bed and can be cleaned by simply wiping with a damp cloth.”

 hik9 mrslate

And here we have Mr. Slate testing the bed to show us how good the HiK9 Raised Pet Bed really is!

Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws is a family-run business and was founded by Tracy Horne. We were particularly impressed with the beautiful branding and packaging all across Healthy Paws products. So we stopped to have a chat with the members of the team.


Louise said, “It’s all-natural dog food. We have a range that includes complete food, treats, herbal supplements and daily supplements. There are two brand new products in the range; they are baked sweet potatoes and baked mix veggie bites.”

The focus has been to produce an overall feeding philosophy that incorporates both a complete nutritionally balanced food along with a nutritional herbal supplement and treat range which complements this.

“It’s about finding the right product for the right dog, we don’t just say which product just for the sake of it. We do provide a lot of nutritional advice for dogs. It’s got to be the right food for the dogs and suits the lifestyle of the human as well.” M.D. at Healthy Paws ltd.


That was the first part of Pause’s coverage at the Manchester Pet Show 2013, we hope you enjoyed that. Check back tomorrow for the second instalment of the coverage to see all the cute animals that we saw at the show and about the breeders, clubs, associations and more!

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