The Manchester Pet Show 2013 – Part 2

The Manchester Pet Show 2013 – Part 2

This article is a second instalment of The Manchester Pet Show 2013 article which will cover the breeders, clubs, associations and more.

The Manchester Pet Show 2013 – Part 2

 TICA(The International Cat Association)


Not only is TICA the world’s largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats, and the world’s largest registry of household pets, Tica also recognises more new breeds than other cat fancy organizations.

TICA The Manchester Pet Show 2013

TICA was one of the first stands we noticed at The Manchester Pet Show 2013. We can’t miss all the adorable cats even if we’ve tried! Tracy Baker was the first lady we interviewed. We’ve noticed her beautiful Chocolate Tortishell Burmese, Kat Von D instantly.

katvondKat Von D the silky soft Chocolate Tortishell Burmese Diva

“Kat Von D is a chocolate Tortishell Burmese, She’s 13 months old, She’s loving, affectionate, loves children and has a lot energy to play. Lovely family pet. She also love adults as she loves to snuggle and play. We’ve got 2 cats at the show, chocolate Tortishell Burmese and a lilac girl as well.

TICA katvondTracy with Kat Von D, the super soft Chocolate Tortishell Burmese

Tracy explained, “We come here together with TICA to introduce various different breeds to the general public. They are not just show cats but they are part of our family as well.”

The second TICA member we’ve interviewed was Gill Heaton from Misty Mogwai Toygers

Gill said “Toyger is a new breed and the cat is supposed to resemble a toy tiger. The Toyger has got tiger-like stripes, amazing temperament, beautiful colours and contrast. We’ve been breeding Toygers to get to this level of markings for 20 years now.”

TICA Barnabusclose The Manchester Pet Show 2013


tica barnabus

Gill also added that Barnabus (pictured) and all her cats are very important to her.

We also watch the TICA Breed Parade in the afternoon. it was incredible to see breeds of cats we’ve only seen in pictures before! We were very excited!

TICA americancurl

TICA couple

TICA creamy

TICA fluffy

tica sphinx

Visit  TICA (The International Cat Association) to get more information about different breed of cats.


Croft Riding Centre

Croft Riding Centre is an equestrian centre in Cheshire. They cater for riders at all levels from the complete beginner to experienced. Riding tuition can be given in various riding disciplines including general, dressage, jumping and cross country.


We talked to the friendly ladies at Croft Riding Centre stand about Renee. Renee is a 14 year-old mare. She works at Croft Riding Centre. She’s a lovely mare and both adults and children can ride her. She’s very cute and super soft.

Scruffts Regional Heat

We also had a chance to watch Scruffts Regional Heat at The Manchester Pet Show 2013 and take lots of photos of the dogs on the show.


Scruffts Regional Heat


Scruffts contestant


Scruffts contestant with the owner


Scruffts contestant


Scruffts Golden Oldie winner with owner



Southfields Veterinary Surgery

“Southfields Veterinary Surgery is a small, family run practice, just outside Sale Moor village. With ample client parking and convenient opening hours, our focus is on making a vet visit friendly and stress-free.”


After almost tripping over ourselves to get to hold the beautiful Cockerpoo puppies, we’ve spoken to the nurse about their practice:

“We are in Sale Moor. A small animal practice owned by Claire Nicholls. There are two vets, three qualified veterinary nurses, one receptionist and animal care assistant at the surgery. We treat dogs, cats, rats and the occasional bird or chicken. And at the moment we’ve got Cocker Spaniels and Cockerpoos puppies and they are so wonderful. You can contact us to arrange viewing of the puppies.”

puppy2 The Manchester Pet Show 2013

The staff were so friendly. We wish the Veterinary practice that we go to is this friendly. We would definitely go to check them out if there were closer.


Dog Trust

“Founded in 1891, Dogs Trust (formerly the National Canine Defence League) is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK. Our mission is to bring about the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction. Each year we care for around 16,000 dogs at our nationwide network of 18 Rehoming Centres. No healthy dog is ever destroyed.”


 We spoke to the Dog Trust officer and he said we could help by sponsoring a dog, particularly the ones that can’t be rehomed (and will remain at the dog trust all the lives) for just £2 per week. With that you’ll get a photograph of the dog you’ve sponsored, the dog’s full profile, a Dog Trust car sticker, a Christmas card and a Valentine’s card. We thought the officer was genuinely caring about the dogs. We feel that because they wouldn’t put down a healthy dog we really want to support them and please do help donate or sponsor those dogs if you can at:

Kennel Club

Kennel Club is the UK’s largest organisation dedicated to protecting and promoting the health and welfare of all dogs. Besides being a voluntary register for pedigree dogs and crossbreed dogs, they offer dog owners and those working with dogs an unparalleled source of education, experience and advice on puppy buying, dog health, dog training and dog breeding.

We went around the Kennel Club area and seen the most beautiful dogs.



Here are some more super adorable animals we’ve seen at the show! :

dogs2Apparently the little man/lady is the boss!

dogs Twins, mini and regular size!


yorkshire rat clubA cute little rat from The Yorkshire Rat Club

The Yorkshire Rat Club was set up to promote the keeping of rats as pets and to encourage people to show their rats in a competitive but companionable atmosphere, and has grown into a vibrant and thriving community of rat lovers. We are the ideal place to find out about rats and to learn the joys of keeping these fantastic pets for yourself.


Snake from Scales ‘n Tails a company that run children’s animal party. Not only the children get to see various animals from snakes to gerbils but it’s very educational.

We hope you enjoyed Pause’s coverage of the Manchester Pet Show 2013 and that you might  come and meet us there next year!

This is part 2 of the press coverage, to see part 1 click here.

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