The new Lassie and the other top ten world famous dogs

The new Lassie and the other top ten world famous dogs

There is going to be a new Lassie! DreamWorks Animation have secured the Classic Media Library of titles including Lassie.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, the company’s chief executive, said: “She’s heroic, she’s loyal, she really is Man’s best friend.

“She’s the single most recognised pet in the world.”

It will be Lassie’s 75th anniversary in December. Lassie started from being a short story in a 1938 edition on Saturday evening post (American magazine), then in 1943, the Lassie Come Home film followed with Lassie staring opposite Elizabeth Taylor.

lassieElizabeth Taylor with Lassie in Lassie Come Home. Image from Dawnschickflicks

Then she has her own long-running CBS network series from September 12, 1954 to March 24, 1973. The first ten years of the series are set on a farm in Midwestern America, focusing on the relationship and adventure between Lassie and the young farm boy. For the next seven years Lassie is with her forest ranger friends. And for the final two years, Lassie lives at a home for troubled children.

464px-Jon_Provost_Lassie_1962Jon Provost and Lassie in the TV series. Image Source

We are very excited to see what the new format would be whether it’s a television shows or a film. In honour of

Lassie, we are listing here our favourite top ten famous dogs. Who are your favourite doggy heroes?

Top Ten World Famous Dogs

10. CRAB

The only dog to ever appear in a play by Shakespeare. Crab appeared in “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” Act II, scenes iii-iv:

Proteus’ servant Launce, dragging his dog, Crab, and dilly-dallying en route to his master’s departing ship, complains that Crab is the surliest dog that ever lived.

Shakespeare is definitely a man that create many new words but also a man of trend. He uses a name for a different type of animal to name an animal which we’ve always found hilarious. We didn’t realise this trend started so long ago.

Engraving of Launce in Shakespeare's Two Gentlemen of VeronaCrab: Source

9. Toto – Dorothy’s dog from The Wizard of Oz

Toto is Dorothy’s dog in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum’s books. Terry (the dog’s real name) played Toto in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz starring Judy Garland. It was said that Terry was paid $125 salary each week, which was far more than the actors that played munchkins.

toto ozToto, source

8. K-9

K-9 is a mechanical dog in the British TV series Doctor Who. It was one of the longest running British sci-fi series. Doctor Who was created as a children’s TV programme but it quickly became popular with people all ages. K-9 first appeared in Doctor Who in 1977.



In 1925, Balto & Togo were two sled dogs that led the team from Nenana to Nome carrying Diphtheria serum when doctors in the area were concerned about a Diphtheria epidemic that could hit the whole town. The only serums available were in a town that 1000 miles away. The only aircraft in town were not working due to frozen engines. So Balto and Togo among a team of sled dogs were entrusted to deliver the serum to Nome. Balto received almost all the glory for the accomplishment and had a statue of him erected in New York’s Central Park. But now both dogs remains are in display in museums.

Balto-kidsBalto: Source


Togo: Source


In ancient Greece, the citadel of Corinth was guarded externally by an advance post of fifty dogs. On one occasion, when they had to defend the post, forty-nine out of fifty lost their lives after a valiant effort. Soter was the only one surviving, so he retreated to citadel to warn the citizens. The soldiers gathered the army to repel the enemy. The erected a monument to Soter and the 49 dog heroes of their town.



One of our favourites, Greyfriars Bobby was a Skye Terrier that belonged to John Gray.  Bobby became known for his loyalty and spending 14 year guarding his master’s grave until his death on 14 January 1872. We went to visit the statue of Greyfriars Bobby a couple of years ago. (Sniff sniff…)

Greyfriars Bobby 750_tcm4-556907Greyfriars Bobby: Image source

4. SNOWY (french: Milou)

Snowy is Tintin’s dog in the Tintin comics written by Hergé. He was based on a fox terrier belonging to the landlord of a restaurant that Hergé frequently visited. Snowy has many adventures with Tintin and – always a true terrier – has to fight with bigger dogs, lion, cheetahs, etc. Tintin can always depend on his loyalty and initiative. We love Snowy so much! He’s so smart!

snowy-jumping-select1Snowy: Source

snowy-dnager-select4Snowy and Tintin: Source


Chips was a German Shepherd/Collie/Husky mix that served during World War II. He was the canine most decorated for his bravery. Edward J. Wren donated Chips to serve in the army. During the invasion of Sicily, when they were under attack from a hidden pillbox, Chips broke free from his handler, dove into the enemy hiding place and got the enemy to surrender. He was unofficially given a Theater Ribbon with an Arrowhead and 8 battle stars (for each of his campaigns). In 1945 he was returned to the Wren family.

Chips_WWIIChips: Source


Just like Barry White the legend, Barry is the legend of the Alps in Switzerland. Barry is described as the most famous St. Bernard, trained by the monks to help them rescue people who got lost in the Alps. The records shown that Barry has saved around 40 people. The most famous rescue was when he found a child in the snow. He helped to keep the child warm and kept barking to signal their whereabouts to the monks. The monks couldn’t reach them because of the snow. So the boy wrapped his arms around Barry and was carried to safety.  Barry eventually retired from his rescue career in 1812 and was looked after by one of the monks.

barry st bernardBarry: Source 


Hachiko was an Akita dog that belonged to Dr Hidesaburō Ueno, a professor at the University of Tokyo. While Dr Ueno was still alive Hachiko would go to the Shibuya station to greet him after work every day. Until May 1925 when the professor died from brain haemorrhage and never returned. Hachiko still continued going to greet him at the station every day. The professor’s student published several articles about Hachiko’s loyalty that moved the regular users of the station so he always got some treats. Hachiko continued to wait for his master until his very last day. They commemorate his loyalty with a statue at Shibuya station.  And on April 8th every year, dog lovers of Japan go and pay respect to this loyal dog at Hachiko’s ceremony.

200px-Hachiko Hachiko: source

hachiko Hachiko statue: source

Here we are the run down of our favourite world famous dogs. There are many more of course. Who are your favourite famous dogs?

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