The Pet Business – The New Place To Find Pampering Pet Products

The Pet Business – The New Place To Find Pampering Pet Products





The Pet Business is an exciting, online pet retailer, wholesaler and distributor of pet products, newly launched in the UK. The company focuses on providing unique, ethical, innovative and  high-quality pet products that pamper your pets.

The Pet Business started because, in the UK, it is difficult to get specialist pet products and accessories from abroad for a reasonable shipping cost. The company sources the most innovative products from the US, Canada and around the world so that UK shoppers and their pets get the chance to buy these fantastic products at a great price.


We were highly impressed with The Pet Business from the beginning. Not only do they have beautiful branding and an easy-to-use website, they also have a quite unique range of pet products and accessories. The product range is well suited to the UK market, with weather-resistant rain coats from Canada and wonderful spa grooming products for dogs with sensitive skin. We were delighted to find The Pet Business - just like being the first to find a great new boutique.


 The Pet Business team are dedicated pet owners who enjoy pampering their pets. Most of their pets come from rescue centres and the company makes it clear that they really do care about charity.  Their product range needs to be approved by their pet panel first.


Here our favourite products from The Pet Business

Royal Pet Club

Royal Pet Club was founded by Prince Lorenzo Borghese, whose family has been in the cosmetics industry for over fifty years.  For his 21st birthday, Lorenzo was gifted with Belle, a cute Black Labrador puppy. Like so many dogs, Belle had sensitive skin that often became dry and flaky. He decided to create his own pet line for Belle and eventually launched the Royal Treatment Italian Pet Spa in 2003.

royal-pet-club the pet business

Royal Treatment is an Organic, all natural grooming range. A pet spa range formulated and made in Italy. Lorenzo developed the range and worked with the world’s finest cosmetics research and development departments to create the ideal grooming line that not only thoroughly cleans a pet’s fur, but also moisturizes the skin, promotes a healthy shiny coat, neutralizes pet odours and leaves your pet smelling delicious as a result of the natural fragrance oils are imported from all over the world. See the a few of our favourite products below or see the full range on The Pet Business here.

Royal Treatment Almond and Shea butter Shampoo – 400ml


Shea butter and almond oil unite in this enriching shampoo, providing your dog with soft skin and a luxuriously radiant coat. Boosted with Shea butter’s superior moisturizing qualities, it protects against dry skin and fights off flakiness. Shine on, little dog, shine on.This Tearless Shampoo unites 100% Organic Almond Oil and Shea Butter to pamper your royal pet’s skin and coat. An exclusive moisturizing formula containing a special mix of hydrating organic ingredients* selected by our laboratory. Panthenol and Keratin care for the coat and Silk Proteins keep it shiny. It keeps your royal highness clean, soft and smelling divine! Buy it from The Pet Business


Royal Treatment Almond and Shea butter Spritz – 150ml


Shea butter and almond oil come together in this fab spritz, sending doggy smells to the dog house and replacing them with the soothing and calming scent of Shea butter and almond. The oils hydrate your dog’s skin and coat, making pooch shiny and soft.This Bath Spritz unites 100% Organic Almond Oil with Shea Butter and special hydrating organic ingredients* chosen by our laboratory to pamper your pet’s skin and coat. Panthenol and Keratin care for the coat and Silk Proteins keep it shiny. Easy, quick-drying and suitable for daily use, it’s perfect for refreshing your royal highness between baths. Buy it from The Pet Business.


Royal Treatment chamomile & shea butter shampoo – 400ml


Skin conditions a problem with your pooch? Chamomile and Shea butter infuse together to form a protective bond against itchy, flaky skin and their ilk. The soothing and richly moisturizing formula revitalizes dull fur while calming the skin. Perfect luxury for delicate doggies.This Tearless Shampoo relies on the fruits of the earth for healthy-looking skin and an imperial coat: 100% Organic Chamomile and Aloe to soothe, Shea Butter and Figs to moisturize and a host of natural emollients to hydrate and soften the coat. PH-balanced without harsh detergents, it keeps your pet’s skin and coat clean, soft and smelling divine. Buy it from The Pet Business.


Royal Treatment chamomile & shea butter spritz – 150ml


The richly moisturizing power of Shea butter and calming, soothing properties of chamomile are just the thing on spa day to make your dog look soft, sleek and glamorous. Oh no, you say, you don’t have time for spa day? No problem. Our bath spritz rich in organic ingredients is here to step in. Quick and easy to use as it leaves your dog smelling like a million dollars. Glamour-DOG on the run! This concentrated Bath Spritz should be used daily to moisturize and soothe the skin, create a glistening, shiny coat and replace odors with some of nature’s finest fragrance oils. Buy it from The Pet Business.


Muffin’s Halo Guide for Blind Dogs™


the pet business muffin's halo

Muffin’s Halo Guide for Blind Dogs™ is a custom designed product to guide blind/visually impaired dogs and safeguard them from bumping into walls and other objects. This patented device is a great aid to help them become familiar with existing or new surroundings, quickly.

Muffin’s Halo Guide for Blind Dogs™ is lightweight, comfortable and a stylish easy fit with adjustable velcro straps. Its soft angel wings sit on the dog’s neck to protect their head and shoulder area, while the decorative halo is designed to protect them from bumping into walls and other objects. This device does not hinder a dog’s normal daily activity and makes them look like a precious angel.


North Pole Parka


THE warmest winter jacket for your dog or feline friend!

Perfected for the Canadian Pooch in the tough Canadian winter this coat will keep your pooch lovely and warm.

An added bonus is that your dog will be the coolest dog around, you can always get a Parka to ensure that you are not outshone in the fashion stakes

  • Waterproof shell
  • Faux-down insulation to protect your pooch on the coldest winter days
  • Ultra soft fleece lining and faux-fur trim
  • Button snap to secure the hood in place
  • Functional pocket for bag & treat storage
  • Size adjustable Velcro closure and ribbing
  • Machine washable
  • Harness slit
  • Sleeves for sizes 10 – 16
  • Available in sizes 10-26

Buy it from The Pet Business

Canada Pooch Torrential Tracker Jacket



Keep your pooch dry with Canada Pooch ultimate rainwear. Perfect for walks and play in the rain or on chilly spring days, these adorable waterproof jackets are sure to keep your pooch comfortable and dry.

  • Waterproof shell and lining
  • Pocket for treat and bag storage
  • Reflective piping
  • Harness slit with rain protector flap
  • Snap to hold hood back
  • Size-adjustable velcro
  • Machine washable
  • Sleeves for sizes 10-16
Perfect for British weather. Buy it from The Pet Business.


P:ECO The Penguin


He may not be able to fly, but that’s about the only thing P:ECO the Penguin can’t do when it comes to your dog’s playtime.

The environmentally friendly design of P:ECO the Penguin was created for outdoor use and tough playtime sessions. It floats for fetch and retrieve play in the water, and easily cleans up in the washer and dryer after a romp in the mud.

Featuring a durable contoured design that blends retro simplicity with the modern sensibility of eco-friendly materials, P:ECO the Penguin is made of certified organic cotton and recycled materials. He may look like the strong silent type, but P:ECO’s engaging squeaker and bouncy personality provides hours of fun for your playful pup. So whether you’re looking for a relaxing toy at home or a tough outdoor companion, P:ECO the Penguin is your choice. Buy from The Pet Business.


Litter Tray Liner to elminate odour



The revolutionary Breathe Free Litterbox Mate is the only litter pad with triple action odor control that eliminates all fecal, urine and odor causing bacteria. Buy it from The Pet Business.


It’s the Scoop Cat Litter Scoop by K-Kat



It’s the Scoop is the first scoop designed specifically for cat care professionals! K-KAT have made cleaning the litter tray much easier! With the help of cat professionals everywhere, they have created a scoop designed for both performance and appearance.

Twice as fast as most other scoops!

  • Virtually dustless
  • Constructed of solid steel for easy cleaning and a bacteria-free environment

Buy it from The Pet Business.

After seeing our favourite products from the pet business, you are probably as excited as we are about them. Visit The Pet Business to see their complete range.


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