The Seal Sanctuary Mablethorpe – a haven for seals and us

October 7, 2013 in ARTICLES, NEWS by admin


Yesterday we visited The Seal Sanctuary Mablethorpe as a treat and may we say it’s one of the best animal sanctuaries we visited to date. The Seal Sanctuary Mablethorpe has rescued about 1,000 seals since 1974 and most of them have been returned to the wild after 3 to 4 months care.

The Seal Sanctuary Mablethorpe and Animal Gardens

The Seal Sanctuary Mablethorpe DSC_2792 copy

the seal sanctuary mablethorpe

The Seal Sanctuary Mablethorpe DSC_2796

About 2% of the seals have to remain in captivity because they can’t survive in the wild. The seal sanctuary pools were built with many features to create a stimulating living environment for the seals. They look after grey (or Atlantic) seals, common (or harbour) seals, bearded, ringed and hooded seals at the sanctuary.



Apart from the seals, there are two fascinating exhibitions – Time Walking 1 and 2. They are exhibitions illustrating evolution, told through fossils, many of which are local to the area. What was particularly interesting and unique is that the exhibition ties together evolution with local finds and reconstructions of Lincolnshire in prehistoric times.


There is large selection of animal displays at the sanctuary: birds of prey, exotic birds, seabirds, Meerkats, Lynx, goats, foxes, badgers, chinchillas, rabbits and many more.

DSC_2854 The Seal Sanctuary Mablethorpe


DSC_2847 The Seal Sanctuary Mablethorpe



 DSC_2891 The Seal Sanctuary Mablethorpe

We were very lucky to watch one of the staff fed the Gannets and seals. She is a true professional. Every throw of the fish in landed directly in a bird’s mouth. We were very impressed!

DSC_2894 The Seal Sanctuary Mablethorpe

This seal has been anticipating her food for a while


Finally, happy times the seal gets fed with delicious fish.

DSC_2919 copy

This is the Seal Sanctuary Mablethorpe insect hotel

Our visit to The Seal Sanctuary Mablethorpe is an experience we would never forget. There are so many animals on display, interesting fossils exhibition and nice beach near by which is a lovely walk. They really look after all the animals. We thoroughly enjoyed our day out and highly recommend that you pay them a visit if you get a chance. If you love animals and natural history, this sanctuary can’t be missed. They also accept donations to help with the cost of running the seal hospital and animal care. Click here to visit The Seal Sanctuary Mablethorpe.