Tigga Towers Luxury Activity Cat Tower System

Tigga Towers Luxury Activity Cat Tower System




Tigga Towers is a luxury activity cat tower system developed by UK cat breeders. The company was launched in May 2009. The system is comprised of scratching posts, beds and all-in-one activity centre.  It is modular and crafted to withstand the heaviest and most energetic breeds of cat whilst fitting seamlessly into the home environment. They have expanded their range and added a unique bedding and toy range in 2010. And they launch their products into retail in 2011.

penthousetigga3 tigga towers

Tigga Towers has been designed by cat breeders with over 15 years experience.  So they know exactly how to keep cats happy, even those with the highest standards. The cat tower system is suitable for cats of all ages and sizes. The towers are interchangeable, washable, wipeable and expandable, allowing you the freedom to create exactly what you require. Tigga Towers come in many popular designs and you can even customise the system especially for your cat.

Tigga Towers Cat Scratching Tower


Tigga Pole

Tigga Pole

The Tigga Pole is designed for the single cat household providing a solid tall scratching post with luxury bed for those who love to watch you whilst you work. Find out more at Tigga Towers.

Hooper Tigga tigga towers

Hooper Tigga

The Hooper Tigga comprises of a granite or oak base with 0.75m pole and a luxury fabric platform, finished with a solid oak cap. Underneath is a hanging fabric hammock. Find out more at Tigga Towers.


Double Tigga

Double Tigga

A wonderfully simple design fits into any multicat home with space for 2 -3 cats to curl up and sleep. This model can also be extended to the maxi tigga to take up to 5 cats. Find out more at Tigga Towers.

maxi tigga tigga towers

Maxi Tigga

Tigga Towers specially designed tower for those who love heights. A great pole for up to 4 fully grown cats. The only problem you will have is: who gets the top bed? Find out more at Tigga Tower.

penthouse tigga tigga towers

Penthouse Tigga

Tigga Towers largest standard model is the Penthouse; it is the perfect pole for 4 to 5 cats, with everything you could wish for. Lots of scratching areas and a lovely high bed for cats that love to look down on you. With its large base, the pole is extremely stable and your options are endless! Find out more at Tigga Towers.

penthousetigga2 tigga towers

Kitty relaxing on Penthouse Tigga 

Additional Accessories For The Cat Tower

cathammock tigga tower

Hanging Hammock Cat Bed

The unique Hanging Hammock is extremely popular on Tigga Towers. The bed has clips which means it is can be adapted to use around your home or in show pens. This highly durable hammock will take the weight of a 10Kg Maine Coon! Manufactured in our exclusive non-loop fabric (which helps prevent cats catching their claws in the bed). Your cat will adore it. Find out more at Tigga Towers.

squarepillow cat bed

Square Pillow Cat Bed

The best selling cat bed, this is a highly durable, luxurious Pillow ideal for sofas, baskets or anywhere that your cat likes to sleep. Suitable for all cats and their owners. Many breeders now use this bed for rearing kittens as the non-looped fabric stops kittens catching their tiny claws in the bed. The bed is stitched in a number of places to ensure it keeps its shape, wash after wash. Find out more at Tigga Towers.

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Cozy Cushion Cat Bedding

Specifically for cats, the Cozy Cushion bedding is designed to be soft and luxurious. The beds wash extremely well. Machine washable at 30° and available in three beautiful neutral colours. We really love how the company choose to use the non loop fabric so that the cat claws won’t get caught on the bed and also it’s easy to clean which is a bonus.


Round Pillow Cat Bed

Round Pillows are made from luxury Comfort Bedding; a non-looped and washable material. The 50 cm pillow fits our Round Wicker Baskets and Igloos. Find out more at Tigga Towers.


cat head igloo

Cat Head Igloo

The Cat Head Igloo bed has been nominated for prizes several times due to its unique rod system built into the roof of the igloo, this is one bed your cats wont collapse! Made from our exclusive non-looped fabric making it a great cosy bed. Buy it from Kitty Kit, ON SALE NOW.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 16.26.22

Enjoying the Cat Head Igloo!

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 16.29.45

Mouse Cat Cushion

The Mouse Cat Cushion is perfect for sofas and can also be used anywhere around the home. In neutral two tone colours, this Cat bed is not only fun but versatile.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 16.29.33

This mouse is not going anywhere!

See the full range of Tigga Towers Cat Bedding here!

Tigga Toys

cat nip rabbit

Cat Nip Rabbit

The cat nip kicker rabbit has been designed using our cozy cushion fabric in two tone colours. At 8cm in length this is larger than your average cat nip toy and is filled with special organic, slow dried cat nip flowers. With a long-lasting, slow-release effect, your cat will have hours of fun!

This toy can be machine washed but please note it could affect the potency of the cat nip. Find out more at Tigga Towers.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 16.34.54

The Adorable Cat Nip Bunny

cat nip bear

Cat Nip Bear

The cat nip bear every cat (and some dogs) will insist on taking to bed. A larger than average cat nip toy, at around 12cm in length, this two-tone toy is filled with organic, slow-release cat nip, your cat will have hours of fun!

Made in the cozy cushion non looped fabric this toy is machine washable but please note this could reduce the effectiveness of the cat nip. Find out more at Tigga Towers.

We love how Tigga Towers use the most suitable material to create their luxury range of Cat Activity Towers, bedding and toys, suitable for all cats. Visit Tigga Towers to see their complete range of beautiful and thoughtful cat accessories.