Umi The Kitten – The Scottish Fold Kitty

Umi The Kitten – The Scottish Fold Kitty

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words. We don’t know much about Umi the Kitten. But we found Umi the Scottish fold kitten on OliviColtore‘s Flickr page and were completely captivated by OliviColtore‘s¬†artistic photography that really captures the personality of Umi the kitten so well.

umi the kitten 9

umi the kitten 010

umi the kitten2

umi the kitten

umi the kitten 8

umi the kitten 7

umi the kitten 6

umi the kitten 5

umi the kitten 4

umi the kitten 3

If you make it down to here, you probably love to see more of Umi The Kitten‘s Picture. Go to Flickr page.

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