Underwater Puppies By Seth Casteel Will Definitely Make You Smile

Underwater Puppies By Seth Casteel Will Definitely Make You Smile

Seth Casteel is an award-winning photographer and the New York Times Best Selling Author of Underwater Dogs. Now Casteel is back with a new book titled – Underwater Puppies – featuring photographs of adorable puppies swimming.

Underwater Puppies

Underwater Puppies By Seth Casteel Will Definitely Make You Smile


Pringles and Pickme Underwater Puppies

Casteel is based in California. He has developed his career as a lifestyle pet photographer.  He also volunteers to photograph homeless pets to help get them rehomed.  His work has been featured in National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times and in hundreds of other magazines, newspapers and calendars.

The new book features 72 puppies aged from 6 weeks to 6 months old. The photographs just super cute, with puppies pulling hilarious faces and poses underwater.  But, more seriously, Casteel wanted to raise awareness of rescued animals and also water safety for pets.

sethcasteel10 Underwater Puppies

sethcasteel9 Underwater Puppies

sethcasteel8 Underwater Puppies

sethcasteel7 Underwater Puppies

“To create this series of photos, I taught swimming lessons to over 1500 puppies, helping them build confidence and safety skills in the water. Many of the puppies only swam for a few minutes and learned about buoyancy, their physicality in the water and most importantly, how to get out of a pool, but some of the puppies immediately thrived and began playing, jumping in and chasing toys!” explained Casteel.

sethcasteel6 Underwater Puppies

sethcasteel5 Underwater Puppies

sethcasteel3 Underwater Puppies

sethcasteel1 Underwater Puppies

His forthcoming book, Underwater Puppies, was newly released on September 16, 2014.

Want to buy Underwater Puppies? : UK buyer can buy it from Amazon
and US buyer can buy it from Barnes and Noble.

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