Couture Dogs – Valentino’s Pugs

Couture Dogs – Valentino’s Pugs




“I don’t care about the collection,” Valentino proclaimed in The Last Emperor “My dogs are more important.”

Valentino The Last Emperor

Valentino (Valentino Garavani) is  not only renowned for designing the most beautiful gowns for many famous women including Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Margaret, Elizabeth Taylor and many more but he’s also well-known for adoring his pugs. Valentino’s pugs are featured in the documentary film, Valentino – The Last Emperor , produced and directed by Matt Tyrnauer a Special Correspondent for Vanity Fair magazine.

Valentino's pugs

Valentino’s pugs stole the show on the biopic film. Valentino always travels with his pug entourage wherever he goes. He has five pugs – Molly (the mommy pug) and the babies: Margot, Maude, Maggie and Monty. One of the pugs – Milton – passed away in July 2013.  He needs three cars to transport everyone: one for the staff and the luggage, one for Valentino and his partner and finally one for the pugs. Maude herself always travels with Valentino.

Valentino’s pugs

valentino pug

According the his friend Lynn Wyatt, Valentino has, “always had pugs” and he loves everything about them including, “When they snore, he loves it, and when they snort, he loves it.”


Valentino even named a clothing line after his late pug Oliver, just like Christian Dior who designed the Bobby dress, naming it after his dog. Tyrnauer recalled, ”There’s a scene in the movie where they’re making a $100,000 dress, and the pug walks out from underneath it!” Clearly, living with Valentino makes the pugs fashion veterans. Coco Rocha (a model on the film) even joked, “When we’re walking for our fittings, they walk alongside us. They’re showing us how it’s done

Valentino's pugs

It’s clear that the pugs’ life a very comfortable life – they even have their own private butler. We are not sure about how Valentino sometimes puts earrings on the pugs. But one thing we are certain of: Valentino’s pugs get a lot of love and attention from their owner which is the most important thing.

valentino and his pugs

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