Worldwide animal sounds and illustrations by James Chapman

Worldwide animal sounds and illustrations by James Chapman

Have you ever wondered about Worldwide animal sounds? If you are a bilingual animal lover then you probably thought about the sounds different animals make in other languages. “Wan” is how Japanese dogs sound, Danish ducks say “Rap”,  Japanese cockerels go “Kikiriki” and “Op Op” is how Thai frogs sound.

Worldwide Woofs Dog sounds worldwide animal sounds

James Chapman illustrated them brilliantly on his Tumblr blog. James is 24 years old and is currently living Manchester, UK. He’s a PhD physics student, and works with Graphene. Apparently he cures his boredom by drawing and he says he’s always bored so there are lots of illustrations on his blog. He’s got his own Youtube channel. And came forth on The Weakest Link once when he was younger. We found this GIF of James on The Weakest Link. It’s so hilarious! Is it just us? Below are the fantastic selection of Worldwide Animal Sounds.

Worldwide Animal Sounds

Worldwide Meows!

Worldwide Meow Cat sounds worldwide animal sounds

Worldwide pig sounds Worldwide mouse mice sounds worldwide animal sounds


Worldwide horse sounds

Worldwide frog frogs sound

Worldwide Duck sounds


Worldwide cockerel sounds

Worldwide bird sounds

Worldwide bee sounds


Worldwide cow sounds

We absolutely love these illustrations. You can buy some of these illustration on Jame’s shop on Etsy. Visit James Chapman’s website to see more of his illustrations.

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  1. I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. Thank you for posting this – and thank you, James Chapman!

    • It’s a pleasure to share the amazing work. We love it so much too! Can’t wait to see more of his work! :-)


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